10 Christmas Funny Sayings – Pinterest

10 Christmas Funny Sayings – Pinterest


  December 1st. 24 days until Christmas. I see almost all the bloggers are doing blogmas, well, I can’t do that right now. What I will do,  is that I will post the whole month of December holiday inspired posts ONLY. Every Tuesday and Thursday + a bonus at the end of the year.

 Now, Christmas is  not what it used to be in my childhood. I mean, I still like Christmas, but I don’t have that sparkle in me that was jumping every time when December month was coming. I’m on Pinterest, looking for…I don’t know what for honestly. But when you go on Pinterest you lose yourself in there, haha.  By accident, I stumble upon some funny images about Christmas with sayings on them. It was one image that had my attention, clicked on it and then the original website appeared in another tab. Everyone likes funny images, but I love them. If they are only funny pictures I laugh, but when they have sayings, that’s when it gets interesting, because not everyone can say something funny and making sense, more importantly.

I thought of sharing them with you guys, so here they are. 10 images that made me laugh:


I guess it’s right. And I also noticed that they don’t stress that much. :))


I like this :)).


Oh you are mean!


Add a description. :))


That counts too!


Really?! :))


I don’t know why, but i died laughing at this one.


You better watch out!


Merry Christmas Luda!


You don’t have to ask me twice!

This is the original place!

These are my favourites so far. Of course, we can’t forget grumpy cat, but that’s for another time.

Do you have some funny sayings? Write them on the comment section if you do, I’d like to read them. Thank you for visiting my blog and until next blog post!



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