2017 Life & Blog Rewind

2017 Life & Blog Rewind

Did I say I hate not having time to write as much as I want on the blog?!

Now, at the end of the year everything is coming at me… to crush me! (essays, school, projects, exams, LIFE, etc) And the most important: preparing my life for next year, which is the hardest part, because there are so many variables.  I hate not having something certain and yet I have so many big plans for next year! NO, I won’t going to tell them, because, you know, they are not going to accomplish. Everything at its time!

Having a plan B always come in handy, but also having plan C and D, it will save you a lot of troubles.

Ok so, let’s rewind this year… 🙂

2017 Life & Blog Rewind!


January – June

In the beginning of the year I went hard on blogging, writing 2 times a week, posting on social media and writing as many blog posts as I could. There weren’t so many page views but I was growing. From January to June I received a few emails regarding some collab opportunities, but I declined them, they were not matching my style.

In February I started driving school lessons, wanted to get my driver’s license faster, and now I barely drive, because I don’t have my own car. Finished them in March or April, I don’t remember well and took the PC exam with questions, to my surprise I failed 2 times, had to wait a month to retry again, thankfully for me, the 3rd time was a lucky charm for me and I finally could go and take the practice part. After half hour I had the proof that I promoted the exam.

At University, everything was fine and boring, took all the exams. Then it was, the English exam I had to take in order to go to my internship in the Netherlands. After that, I did all the paper work and then wait for the time to come and leave.

The interesting things happened in the second part of the year!

July – Present

In July I left for Holland, extremely happy that I was going to do something the whole summer, professionally speaking! I was all alone, because in the first 3 weeks there was nobody in the appartement, so all I did was job and home, and sometimes in the weekends went to the city center to buy something. Then as I got bored, I started to talk to an old friend, with whom I havent’s spoked in 6 years. We talked EVERY DAY. We became good friends, then I changed his life forever (joking). I introduced him to one of my good friends (a girl), he was looking for a girlfriend and well, I played the role of fairy god mother! She made the impossible to go visit him to Italy and well, after that is history. They are together till this day!

I went to see the Gay Pride in Amsterdam in August! Unique…. and shocking experience! But nice, you should try it at least once in life. And yes, Amsterdam is the place to go and see this pride.

And then September came, and me and my BF wanted from last year to visit Paris. We caught an EXTRAORDINARY offer we couldn’t refuse and jump on it. We visited Paris at the end of the month and we stayed there for a weekend. Let me tell you something, a weekend in Paris is a thing you MUST do. It is exhausting to visit everything in 3 days, but so rewarding! We needed that escape for just the two of us.

October was the saddest month, had to come back home and had NO IDEA what was expecting for me. Problems which had to solved immediately, things to get in order and so much more.

November was earth-shaking for me…. my father’s brother found me through Facebook. After 20 years I spoked for the first time with that part of the family. Sometimes I feel my life is a book…

And well finally the present day, I’m waiting to see them for the first time, writing at my bachelor thesis and I don’t have time at all for anything else, hopefully I will have much more time to write on my blog, because this is what I like doing! But life is good, I can’t wait for the when I will say I made it!

Aaand I think is time to finish this blog post, because it is very very. very long! Enjoy your week!


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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