3 Things I Learned In 3 Months of Blogging

3 Things I Learned In 3 Months of Blogging

Ok, guys, sorry for not being so active on social media, but I have 3 days in a row full of exams!

As I was doing this week schedule, I thought of what posts to write on the blog and the first is “3 Things I Learned In 3 Months of Blogging”…. obviously. And I must say I’m excited about this post, because I have to look back and see how far I’ve come. And these things make me happy, to see my evolution in the blogging world. I know, I know, I’ve been blogging for what?! 3 months. It’s not that much, but I learned so much in these months and I thought to share with you those few things.

Eating Doritos (cheese) and listening to “In My Foreign” it’s a good way to start. Oh, oh, by the way, last weekend I went to the cinema and saw “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” in 3D. That movie is SUCH A GOOD ONE! Comedy, action, emotions all in one! Vin Diesel and the crew made a good movie this time. I don’t want to say much about it, because if I start writing there will be spoiler after spoiler if you haven’t seen it yet. You should definitely go and see it. Maybe the fact that I saw it in 3D is a plus.

3 Things I Learned In 3 Months of Blogging

1. Taking and Making Better Pictures

YES! I learned how to take those flat lays pictures using just my phone (Samsung J5) and editing them. At the begging I was soooo…. lame! Ha ha :D. I enjoy so much taking pictures and now having this blog I’m kinda obligated to take them. I learned that blogging means, beside good writing, quality pictures and simple. I learned not to introduce so many colors in the picture and how to make it “Instagram worth it”. Yes, I have a lot more to learn, but I’m on the right path! YuuuHuu! I’m still not comfortable in front of the camera, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t write in a long time a style blog post. I want to start this “series”, I don’t know how to call it, named ” Outfit Of The Week”. In which I’ll show my favorite outfit of that week. Let’s see how it goes.

Also, I learned how to work with Microsoft Publisher. That’s how I do the pictures like the one above. It’s such an easy tool to work with and you can make beautiful pictures: Instagram and Pinterest worthy! (wink)

I’ll write another post in which I’ll talk more about what tools I use, to make my blogging life easier! Tell me in the comments if you would read about it?!

2. Writing and Editing Blog Posts

When I first started blogging.. it was way longer than 3 months. I had another blog before, but it was free on WordPress and I didn’t put so much attention to it, because I wasn’t writing about what I liked. Since I went to high school I knew I wanted a career in which I will want to write. But, barely a year ago or something I started writing. Since I wasn’t good at math, I had to focus on other things, haha.

I know now, how to write a better blog post, spend like 2 hours writing and another half hour editing. If I’m in a rush, it still takes me an hour writing and then editing, spelling checking, because English it’s not my first language and so on. That is if I’m lucky and have the pictures ready to put them in the post, if not, well, that other thing must be postponed. Because with pictures it takes longer (editing, taking them and much more).

Not easy this blogger life, but I LOVE it!

3. Improved My English Writing and Social Media Game

Before blogging I wasn’t looking at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, like a tool. I was simply scrolling down until I got bored and started doing other things. I want to pursue a career in PR and Social Media, I can’t do no internship in my home city because nothing is on what I want. And that’s why I said, well, I’m going to do it on my own and learn from it. That’s how georgianaveronica.com took birth! And I’m so excited to come home and start writing at a new blog post. Or preparing what I should post on all my social media channels.

Now, when I’ll do an internship I’ll know how to work with MailChimp or how to write a blog post on WordPress. ‘Cause babe I have experience! My English! My English writing improved so much I can’t believed it. If a few months back I was doing error after error, now I only have a few misspelling and I’m proud of myself.

I’m going to continue writing because this is what makes me happy and keep learning about everything for my future career.

Hope you enjoy my confessions and don’t forget to follow me on all social media channels (below) and subscribe to my mailing list for updates (sidebar). Have a nice day!

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