4 Female Travel Bloggers I Follow

4 Female Travel Bloggers I Follow

I know, I know, I’ve been missing again. But I have news for you….(drums) I am GRADUATING in a few days and I have so much work to do with exams and focusing on my bachelor thesis!!! I can’t believe 3 years have passed this fast, now I realize that time certainly does not wait, and in these 3 years I’ve accumulated some amazing life experiences, gained and lost some friends and so much more! I’m thinking on writing a graduation blog post, what do you think??! I would enjoy so much to write about everything.

As I finish one chapter in my life, I thought of the persons who helped me along the way to become who I am today (good and bad people) and I remember how reading different lifestyle and travel blogs made me decide to create my own blog. Everyone has a person or two to look up to, but I kind of had the whole blogging community (ha, ha), or at least the majority of blogs that I’ve read so far. There are 4 blogs that I read constantly and follow these girls on Instagram, they are an inspiration to me.

4 Female Travel Bloggers I Follow

Travel for me was always my relaxation therapy and “study room”, that’s how I learned most about people and cultures and even though I can’t travel so much right now, these girls encourage me to finish whatever jobs I have and start traveling ASAP (with enough financial means to survive, or course, ha ha).

   Brooke Saward from World of Wonderlust – I believe she was the first travel blogger I encountered when I started reading blogs. I remember I was so surprised to read about her every travel destination and how I much I wanted to go there too. And still want honestly, even more badly than before. One reason for which I enjoy reading her blog is her way of writing, not too much, but also not too little and she also has a YouTube channel where she gives useful information about traveling. Recently she posted a video about how to take your own solo travel photos (that’s actually the video’s name) and I found it very useful, so thank you for that Brooke :).

   Sabina from GirlvsGlobe – I first discovered her in a YouTube video where she was showing how to pack everything you need in a backpack. Since then I followed her everywhere on social media. She has that open and sweet personality and she gives useful travel information. Sabina has recently participated in a European Union project called  #Faces2Hearts  . It is a project “focused on sharing the stories of local people and how their lives are changing thanks to EU support.” (this is from Sabina’s blog post). Also, she supports responsable travel, which I read more about it lately.

    Helene Sula from Helene in Between – I discovered her on Instagram/Pinterest with a blog post about how to grow monthly views, not sure exactly how the blog post was called, but if you go to her blog you will figure it out which one is.  Also, she is one realistic blogger and gives useful information and I like her writing style.

    Angela from The Sunday Chapter – I’m not sure how I found her blog, but I guess was also something about travel. I started following her on Instagram last year, yes long before the IG stories templates tornado (you deserve it Angela). I feel like she is so real in her blog posts and her opinions, not just about travel, but also about style and products recommendations.

   Who are your favorite bloggers?


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