4 Spring Break Travel Ideas For Students | Europe Edition

4 Spring Break Travel Ideas For Students | Europe Edition

I am not sure if in the U.S.A. now it’s the period for spring break, but I am quite sure that in Europe trips for spring break have just started. Well, not exactly now, let me explain.

So, in Europe right now is a little bit cold to go a beach party, okay maybe in Spain and southern countries the temperature is a little bit higher than the rest of Europe. The best period to schedule your spring break in Europe, would be from mid April to the beginning of June. The temperatures will be perfect for beach parties, cruises on the Mediterranean, camp fires on the beach and so much more.

Many students in this period want to go to a couple of parties with their friends, or travel in Europe for a few days. If you ask me, I choose traveling. I am not a party person, or maybe I am but not those wild parties, if you know what I mean. Since I’m a student and love traveling, I thought to give you some inspiration about affordable spring break destinations.

5 Spring Break Travel Ideas For Students | Europe Edition


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I have done some research about destination’s prices (food, accommodation, public transport), travel expenses (train/plane/bus ticket prices) and more. I am sure you want to know everything before you go to a place, so I’m here to help you a little (wink emoji).

Spring Break Destinations

1.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I admit this one is a little personal, because this whole country feels like home to me, but Amsterdam is pretty cool in the spring, okay, fine the whole country is worth a visit!



For starters you can book now your ticket to Amsterdam, because King’s Day is very soon (27th April). The whole city transforms into a giant party scene to celebrate the birth of the King Willem-Alexander. I believe it lasts the whole weekend and it is crazy there. But, a nice party overall and you get to meet people from all over the world.

Then you have Tulip Festival (11-13 April). I suppose you guessed it already, it’s that time of the year when tulips are blooming. It is an amazing view!

Tip: Go to northern Holland, there are the tulips fields, it’s worth the visit, you will thank me later!

After that, there will be music festivals and different art shops in Amsterdam for the whole month of April, you don’t want to miss them! You can find more about April’s events in Amsterdam, here!


Train tickets prices:

Within the country: for example, Rotterdam-Amsterdam, one-way ticket price is 15.40 euros, if you are in the country when the King’s Day comes, you can find more information here.

Within Europe: for example, from Paris to Amsterdam, the train ticket costs 77 euros, one way. If you want to know more click here.

Airplane tickets prices:

For the best airplane tickets prices I use Skyscanner. Obviously if you fly from a country within EU, the prices will be considerably lower, than from another continent, but do your research, I may be wrong. For example, from Bucharest to Amsterdam, the plane ticket costs 256 euros, e little bit expensive if you ask me.

Bus tickets prices:

Again, this differs by country and how far you are from The Netherlands, but for example from Eastern Europe, precisely Sofia (Bulgaria) to Amsterdam, a bus ticket costs 92 euros. You can find out more here.


The best website to find accommodation is AirBnB. You can set your price range and every amenities you need. I recommend using this platform because it is way cheaper than a hotel, nothing wrong with those, but being students I guess you don’t have a wallet full of money.


If you are cooking for yourself, then it is cheap, go to the supermarkets and you can find almost anything you want. Let’s say you stay for a week, cooking at home would cost somewhere between 50-70 euros, of course, depending on what you eat.

However, if you eat in restaurants, well, it can be a little bit more expensive, again, depending on what you order. For example an average lunch in a restaurant in Amsterdam is somewhere around 25-30 euros.

2. Valencia, Spain

Aah, sun, sand, sea, best image ever! Also, you are pretty close to Palma de Mallorca, which is known for spring and summer parties on the beach and not only there. Aaand, not to mention those Pinterest-Instagram worthy streets!


San Vicente Ferrer Festival it is a festival celebrating the Patron Saint of the Valencian Community. Children are re-creating the miracles of San Vicente on every neighborhood in Valencia (24th April).

The Wine, Cava & Liquor Festival of the Valencian Community. This is where I want to go! Exhibitions of wine, cavas, liquor, sweets and traditional food – all typical products from Valencia. Sounds like a plan to me, this exhibition will from 20 to 23 April 2017.

You can see more events here!


Train: You have the option to take the train from Madrid to Valencia which will take you there in a few hours. Renfe, is a good place to start planning your train journey.

Airplane: Basically you can take the airplane from anywhere in the world and takes you to Valencia airport. For this kind of things, I recommend Skyscanner! Up you have the link. However, being a tourists destination loved by many and this period is considered to be high season, you will probably find pricier airplane tickets than normal.

Bus: goeuro.com is a good place to start looking for bus tickets to Valencia. Keep in mind that with the bus it takes longer (duuh, obviously), like 30 hours longer, so be careful what option you choose to go to Valencia.


AirBnB is the king. Although, I have found a pretty nice and fancy hotel on booking.com, it is a ***** star hotel, straight from Pinterest place there. Take a look to it through that link.


Uhm…helloo, Paella was invented there! Anyone?! If that is not enough reason to go there (also, parties), I don’t know what is! be careful though, don’t spend much on restaurants.

3. Croatia

Spring and Summer is when Croatia comes to life and is the host of many music festivals. Ultra Europe 2018, Pag – Hideout Festival 2018, Spring Break Europe  , I didn’t even know there are so many festivals in Croatia. Apparently this is the place to be when the weather gets hotter and you want to party on the beach.


Boat: Croatia is a country next to the Adriatic Sea, so you can go there by boat or cruise.

Train: From Zagreb, I believe you can take the train and arrive at the sea-side.

Bus: If you leave in Eastern Europe, Croatia is very close by bus or car. You can always got o the website above.

Airplane: Skyscanner.com


I consider Croatia to be a pretty affordable country, although, I recommend going to a AirBnB. But, if you stay for a few days I suppose, a hotel will do just fine (booking.com).


There will be a lot of sea food (my favorite) and other traditional dishes, so don’t miss that.

4. Athens, Greece

EJEKT Festival. That’s the only “official” festival I could find in Greece, BUT, you can have there anyway. This festival is in June (23rd June), you will have to wait a little. However, there so many greek islands that you could have fun in and you don’t have to wait that much.

Prices for this festival range depending what type of tickets you want:

Arena – 43 Euros
VIP – 125 Euros


Airplane: Obviously, you can fly directly to Athens international airport, check skyscanner for more air fares.

Bus: It is quite easy to get to Athens by bus if you leave in Europe. Check goeuro.com for more information.

Boat: You can go there by boat or cruise.

While you are in Athens, you can always go see other beautiful greek islands by ferry.


I have found some pretty good offers with AirBnB for Athens and I recommend you to use that as well.


Sea food! Sea food everywhere! And also traditional dishes (yep, I want some tzatziki sauce right about now). Restaurants there, from I’ve read are affordable and the food is delicious, if you tried it, please tell me in the comment how it is.



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