4 Things I’m Grateful For This Month

4 Things I’m Grateful For This Month

My legs are shakiiiiing! Sorry that came out bad and it’s definitely not what it sound like! Hellooo good people, today I said to be grateful, more like remember to be always grateful. So I have 4 things to be grateful for this month.

But let’s just start by saying what is the reason why my legs are shaking. Just came from the gym, no surprise there. BUT, I had leg and booty day! And when I have thaaat, I just push myself over the limits and now I can barely move my legs. I think I will write a blog post for my first month at the gym and give you guys an update.

Some good things happen this month and I’m over the roof by how they ended up and can’t wait to make the list down here. And more good things are coming this way, but for now let’s just stick to the present day.. or month.

4 Things I’m Grateful For This Month

  1. I obtained the driver’s license!! (balloons and fireworks poppin’) YAS! Finally I have it, well I’m waiting to arrive, you know paperwork and stuff but I did it. I am so happy, maybe for you it’s not relevant, but I just wanted to share it with you guys. After trials and errors, I have it and can’t wait to drive soon.
  2. My first month going to the gym! The first time and I believe is going well. Maybe more than well, but I will talk about it more on a future blog post. but I am so grateful that I took this step along with my boyfriend, who BTW took a break of 7-8 years from it and I see that is hard to come back, but he will manage. And I will grow them muscles on me!
  3. Success on all of this month exams! Took ’em, all of them! Well, I still have one more to know the grade, but overall is good. I don’t know why, but this semester was an easy one. Wow, now I have a deja-vu!
  4. I managed to get some papers done for this summer project!! This is so important to me, because this summer I will be in… another country (not telling you yet what country it is) and I’m sooo happy and excited and can’t wait!

I will blog and be in another country and write about some interesting things (I guess). Hopefully I will have more good and quality content for you.

And that are my 4 things I am grateful for this month. Let’s talk in the comments bellow, I want to know what things are you grateful for. And with that getting to know you better!


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