5 Mistakes I Did When I Started Blogging

5 Mistakes I Did When I Started Blogging

I started by reading every possible article available out there! And I still don’t know what I’m doing, even reading every day about how to blog, nothing quite helps, but let’s continue and see. Maybe you just have started a blog (free or owned, doesn’t matter), well it matters, but I’ll talk about that another time. Let’s focus on beginner’s mistakes now.

I don’t have many followers, probably they even forgot they’ve subscribed to my blog, social media?! Meh, not that good, it’s still there though and yet with all this information and bloggers sharing their “secrets”, I’m still here.

5 Mistakes I Did When I Started Blogging

  1. Sign-in up for some affiliates programs even though I didn’t have (still don’t) the necessary audience, and get annoyed when I didn’t make any money from it, haha! I think everyone does this in the beginning, because they heard everyone else that’s how they are making money. Well, not me, yet I guess.
  2. Trying to do everything perfect. I know it’s good to be a perfectionist, but not always and especially not when… almost no one is reading you. This was a hard one for me to understand. It’s..I don’t know how to call it, painful?! Call it like that, when no one is reading your articles and if they do, they don’t leave a comment or a like or something, feed-back. But you still have to write blog posts every week.
  3. Making an e-mail every Sunday to send to my all 5 subscribers…oh my God this is funny… Stop trying so hard. Yeeah, I don’t even think they received any of my mails, haha.
  4. Not taking better pictures. But I think this apply to this day in some way. Image sells, we know it very well and I’m trying to take good pictures. So if you just started your blog, make sure you have good content and good quality photos.
  5. Being on every social media platform out there. Even though they were not relevant, the truth is you only need the important ones: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (I guess). On the last one, I’ve found soooo many bloggers saying that’s from where their audience comes from. Ehm, I’m not sure about that, or maybe I don’t know how to use it. Big mistake trying to be on every social media platform, because you can’t focus on the most important one.

You just started your blog… don’t try everything at once, because you will fail to see the most important things about it. And what works and what not, so take baby steps, slower, but safer!

What were your biggest mistakes when you first started blogging?!



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