A Weekend In Paris

A Weekend In Paris

Guuuyys, I went to Paris!! The weekend that just passed, I went to Paris and it was amazing! The trip was planned just 2 weeks ago!

We planned to go to Paris from last year, but we couldn’t! Now we made it a reality, because it was our dream!

It was my dream to visit Paris, I mean, I think everyone is thinking to see Paris for at least once time in a lifetime! And I recommend it 100%. The truth is  I never thought, I would like it so much. The history that the buildings of the city say is amazing, the details from the buildings, statues, I left speechless!

When we left?!

Friday at 7.AM! We left by bus from Holland and made it to Paris by 2 PM. That with stops and a few sightseeing. When we arrived, we went for a boat ride on Seine. It was sooo relaxing, after the whole trip and walking. when you go on a cruise on Seine, you see all the important buildings in Paris.

We had 3 days in Paris, and we stayed at The Chateaubriand-Malabry Hotel. It is a modest hotel, just outside the city, like 30 minutes driving from the city center.

Saturday we visited all of the famous buildings, Notre-Dame, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Justice Palace (from outside), the Opera building, Pont des’Artres, Trocadero and lots and lots of bridges! And we walked everywhere, no train, bus or metro. For those of you who never visited Paris, all of the main buildings ar in the city center and place along the Seine river, so from the Eiffel Tower you can just walk until te Notre-Dame cathedral.

We ate the Parisian croissant, and not to disappoint, but it wasn’t so different from the ones I ate in the Netherlands or somewhere else in the world.

The Champ-Elysee boulevard, is the busiest boulevard I’ve ever seen. Nobody respects driving rules, it is a chaos, lots of tourists and people hurrying to their jobs/school or to some cafe.

And the fun part?!

I found a ventilation system on the streets, haha! You can’t really see that it was air blowing, but it was. I wish I had a dress.

Sunday it was our last day and we visited Sacre Coeur on Montmartre. Again, amazing, cathedral, architecture, unfortunately my computer crashed and can’t access those specific photos, but you can see them on my Instagram , once I recover them!

And this was my short trip to Paris, well, just a weekend. But it felt like a week and totally woth it!

Have you ever been to Paris? Tell me your thoughts about the city!


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