Affordable Gym Workout Clothes | HAUL

Affordable Gym Workout Clothes | HAUL

Hi guys, as I said in the previous blog post, from Sunday – Gym Clothing Quiz – I can’t write so often now. And I’m really sad about that, when I started this blog I had a lot of free time, so I thought of writing. But now, oh boy, everything comes on me and don’t have that free time anymore…

But, you came here for the affordable gym clothes and that’s what you will read about. Well, not so long ago I started going to the gym. For along period of time, it didn’t even cross my mind going to the gym.

But, this gal -> Whitney Simmons, convinced me to go there. No, I didn’t speak with her, just through her videos and good energy. Okay, you go, buy the subscription, but what about the activewear?!

Here I come! My biggest dilemma, was what to wear there, being a girl I wanted to have the appropriate clothes, so went shopping. Why, just why didn’t you tell me how many options I have regarding leggings and sport bras and tops?! It was like heaven, but also expensive, so I had to search for the quality, but also affordable clothes.

My biggest source?! Domyos! They have the most affordable activewear out there!

I just arranged them like they would be suits, all-in-one, how I match them!

These are the two leggings that I bought from them, you have them here:

The Adidas t-shirt is an old one so, I don’t have the link for it, but you can find similar ones.

But I also found some good clothes at New Yorker!

The Puma shoes are also some old ones and I can’t find them online.

I didn’t have time to pose in them, but I can say they are good quality, especially those from Domyos and if you are at the beginning of your “gym career”, then they are the best choice for now!