Free Apps I Use To Keep My Blog / Pictures Organized

Free Apps I Use To Keep My Blog / Pictures Organized

I don’t know everything about how blogging works. I don’t even know how to attract more traffic to my blog. Currently my blog is between 1-10 visitors a day. It’s driving me crazy, because I don’t have the time or means (financially) to promote my blog through social media. I love to write on my blog, but this doesn’t mean that I’ll bring enough traffic to make a full-time job out of it. I don’t know how often bloggers are this honest on their blogs with their readers, but I am because, maybe some of you could give me some tips.

Because I can’t promote my blog on social media, just yet, I also can’t pay for some apps to help me with it or pictures. That’s why I had to find free apps that I can use on my blog and create pictures. I know nobody works for free, but some developers offer a few apps free to use. And for that, I am very grateful.

So, I had to make a list of ALL the apps that I use exclusively for my blog! Including the ones on my laptop and on my phone!

These are the FREE apps that I use for my blog!

Microsoft Calendar

This app comes free with the Windows (I have Windows 10). There was an offer on the Microsoft website, where you could download for FREE the new Windows 10 and that’s how I have it. It helps me stay organized with the blog posts, in what days to post, what to send and so on. You can use this app even for classes, job.


They say, when you first start blogging, you need to set up an email list to send newsletter and keep the readers engaged. Well, I don’t know, I have it, but I didn’t see any spectacular results. Yet!

Why this is free? Because you can send newsletter up to 2,000 subscribers for FREE!

Pretty cool huh?! It’s the only platform that does that, + they you can write the newsletter using blocks and drag & drop!


Free pictures! If you are a new blogger, you will ned quality pictures. They are a big part of blogging, I didn’t use their photos yet, but are gorgeous! If you can’t take your own pictures, don’t use the ones on Google, because you could be accused of copyright and that’s not good for your brand. Instead, search for these kind of website, where they let you use their pictures. Just give them credit for the pictures when you say the source!

Microsoft Publisher

It comes with the Microsoft Office package, so good to go! I use this to make pictures with writing on them. That’s how you say it right?! Anyway, you can see here , the picture that I’ve made with it. And all the writing pictures on them for the matter. Also, I use this app to make the quote pictures, from Instagram!


Yes you read that correctly! Who uses Paint anymore? Well, me! Because it is FREE and you can do the job done. And a good one actually, if you know how to use it. I use it to crop pictures, hide some writing and much more.

Microsoft Word

This one I use it to organized my blog posts. To see what I’ve written and what’s next, the ones that I used I just get a cross line over.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This version of Photoshop is free on the Windows Store and it has the basic stuff, like: cropping, editing with contrast, luminosity and other things. I believe this is the basic version, but for making the pictures more bright and clear, it’s good!

And these are the FREE apps that I use for my blog and pictures for it and social media. What do you think? You can still use some of them?

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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