A Beginners Guide To 5 Helpful Plugins!

A Beginners Guide To 5 Helpful Plugins!

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A Beginners Guide To Helpful Plugins!

With a few months into blogging I know some plugins that have helped me along the way. It is true, I don’t have enough experience to tell you what works, what doesn’t, but I will tell you from experience and honestly.

In the beginning I even thought that these guys have nothing to help me, boy was I wrong! And I thought that because I haven’t read everything about them, I mean I did, but didn’t understand well. But, as the time went, I was searching for more and more plugins to help with different problems.

A Heavens Gift These Plugins

1. Akismet Anti-Spam – This bad boy helps with the obvious: SPAM. Which are the worse! I am not sure if it comes with WordPress once installed, or if you have to install it manually. But that’s easy.

2. Jetpack by WordPress.com – Helps you connect your WordPress account.. I better let them tell you: “Bring the power of the WordPress.com cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a WordPress.com account to use the powerful features normally only available to WordPress.com users.”

3. Simple Google reCAPTCHA – This plugin helped me SO MUCH! Before I installed this plugin, I was receiving, a few spam messages a day. ANNOYING! I just installed it everywhere on my blog and does the job, not a single spam comment anymore. Highly recommend it!

4. Yoast SEO – It is self-explanatory. It is the most known SEO plugin and they are right. It took me like a month before I installed it, because I didn’t think it could help me, but again, I was wrong. You should definitely get it, because if you have read anything about blogging before, you know how important SEO is.

5. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights – After you set up your Google Analytics account, you should get this plugin to help you track your visitors. You just put your Google key in the right place and it does the job for you.

And these are my top 5 helpful plugins that I have and they do the job with pride. Now go blogging!

P.S.: Do you want to know more about my hosting choice? 🙂


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