Bloggers I Follow

Bloggers I Follow

Hi there 🙂

A few things have happened this week:

1. I learned to work better with MailChimp and chose a theme that I liked, but I didn’t choose an image + text block. Aaand, it didn’t turned out as I wished, but next time I will know. BTW, if you didn’t subscribe to our mailing list yet, go and do it. Why? Because every Sunday you will receive updates, what will be on the blog and who knows, in the future some giveaways!

2. Today I had my first exam and I believe it was good. The teacher was smiling. Good sign right?!

3. I learned how to insert categories, instead of pages at the main menu. x Maybe it will look stupid, but be gently, I’m new to this!

Very very excited!

I also tried to take some photos for my “Outfit Of The Week” post, but the weather is horrible. To give you an idea: it snowed and are -11 degrees C/day and -20/night! So, not so good weather for pictures and especially for what I want. But I will do it, once is more warm outside! Now, for what you came here…

4 Bloggers I enjoy Reading

1. Arielle DanniqueShe is a Dutch blogger and I discovered her recently, but I connect with her writing.

2. Aspyn OvardI believe half of America knows her. But for those who don’t know her.. she is an American blogger and vlogger who writes mainly about lifestyle and beauty. I follow her from a few years now.

3. Andreea BalabanShe is a Romanian blogger and vlogger and I follow her for a few years also. What made me follow her is her personality and the fact that she is a genuine person who gives you helpful advises (beauty, lifestyle and fashion). You go girl!

4. Alina CeusanShe is also a Romanian blogger and she started a few years ago. She is a fashion blogger and even though, I will not start approaching her style, I enjoy reading her. She studied PR & Communication, like me! Her blog is also in English.

And they are my favorite bloggers. These girls make a living from blogging and want to be able to do this one day too. Sorry in advance if I will not be able to be more active on social media, but it’s finals period and they scare me a little. But then will be okay.

Tell what do you think of them? Have you read them yet?

P.S.: Look at these cute bracelets from Stradivarius…. I will save more for My Monthly Favorites!



After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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