Blogging Playlist

Blogging Playlist

I’m sorry, I don’t have the chance to be that active on social media, but working full-time and then some other things besides that, well it’s not that easy. I know, I don’t have the right to complain, but I feel like I have to explain, because I like much more what I’m doing here, and I’d like to be dedicated full-time.

But the time will come! Now I wanted to give you my blogging playlist, what I listen when I write, edit and everything else, honestly. Even though some songs didn’t make it to this playlist, because I forgot to download them, these are the main songs that I listen to!

Before giving you my blogging playlist, I want to give you a small update on my life.

I’ve arrived in Holland since last Sunday and all I’ve been doing the whole week, was working and get used to this place once more time. Because, I’m staying with someone, and not alone anymore, I have to accommodate and get comfortable.

But everything else is just perfect, the people, the country, the company and the colleagues. Hopefully the next weekend or the weekend after this one, I’ll go somewhere fun, to show you and write about some cool places here!

Blogging Playlist 

Also, recently, I just discovered,¬†Jason Derulo – “Try Me” ft. J.Lo & Matoma and Ed Sheran – Perfect.

And I’m listening to the them every single day! What are your favorite songs?


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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