Date Jar Ideas | Spring Edition

Date Jar Ideas | Spring Edition

Heeey, guys, how are you?

For some time now I’ve been thinking of writing:

Date Jar Ideas | Spring Edition

date jar ideas spring edition

… for when you’re in lack of date ideas!

This idea I read it on this girl’s blog and I found it so cute! I didn’t write them on computer, because I believe it’s more personalised written by hand (don’t judge my writing, haha). I thought it’s really an original idea and I had to recreate it, not so sophisticated as hers, but still, the idea is what matter, right?!

Also, because the day I took this photos, I was in a hurry couldn’t take more at some other ideas, but I’ll just write some of them down here:

10 Date Jar Ideas

date jar ideas spring edition

1. Recreate a favorite date

2. Cook something together

3. Create something together (hand-made)

4. Go hiking

5. Watch the sunset on a rooftop

6. Call some friends and go at a double date at the cinema (or anywhere else)

7. Make a TV series marathon night (or movies)

8. Reorganize your house decor

9. Create a romantic date night at home

10. Write each other love notes and give them after you fight (just to sweeten up things)

The experiences are what matter and the little things in life, like this one Yes, the silly things and cute, and sweet. We will always remember this, and I believe this is what matters.

What you need for this project?

  • Scissorsdate jar ideas spring edition
  •  Paper
  • Highlighters/ markers
  • A jar (you can re-use an old one)
  • Rubber bands to tie them or whatever you like (you can leave them just like that or tie them with whatever you like)
  •  And much much love bundled up with ideas



When I did this, I remember the middle school days when we wrote notes to the person we liked, throwing them on their table and hoping it would end up at the right person.. you know the story.

If you have the imagination (and I know you do), you can also write some kinky ones, known only by the two of you and I guarantee you he/she will be more than happy.

date jar ideas spring edition

What are you date jar ideas?! Share them on the comment section bellow!


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