Fun fact: The building from above is Palace of Parliament located in Bucharest, Romania and if you exclude the Pentagon, it is the largest administrative building in the world!


I have finally finished my exams period, well not quite, but almost. There will be two more weeks until the next and final two exams. It has been a very, very, very busy period, but hopefully it will all go according to plan! *fingers crossed*. I have been traveling a little these past days to the capital and back home (Bucharest), even if it’s an exhausting 3 hours train ride, you can enjoy the journey.

Basically I went there for business, but made time to explore a little and saw a few interesting things about the city, that I didn’t pay attention to before. Like the fact that now I know why it is called “the little Paris”, the architecture is pretty much the same.


Today as I was scrolling down on Facebook, I saw an ad from Europe Council about traveling and free tickets. Yeah that’s the first thing I saw, ha ha. Unfortunately, I believe I can’t apply for it, giving the fact that I’m over 20 years old, but I wish I had this opportunity a few years ago. So, I want to let you know about this!


Can you imagine traveling by train in Europe from country to country for FREE??

It is an initiative coming from the European Union for teenagers over 18 years to travel within Europe and get to know its different cultures. There are 15,000 Discover EU passes available for teenagers, but you will have to apply and wait for the selection to complete. The brain behind this magnificent idea is Manfred Weber, Chairman, Group of the European People’s Party. I will leave you here a statement from their website:

“There is more to our proposal than free train tickets. It is an investment in young people and in Europe’s future. It reinforces the main aim of the European Union: to bring people together. We want young Europeans to discover the EU is also about emotions, not just politics. We want to give them a taste of what it feels like, not only to be Slovak, German or Greek, but also European. And what better way than by taking the train?
Every country in the European Union invests a lot in their national identity. That’s how we know the tie originated in Croatia, or that Italy is world famous for its cuisine, or that French wines are among the best in the world. But what about our common identity? We need to make a similar investment at European level. The European Parliament called for a specific budget to cover the free ticket programme and the European Commission responded with €12m for 15,000 DiscoverEU Passes in 2018. But this is just the start: we want every 18-year-old to have this chance.
A free Interrail ticket could help hundreds of thousands of young Europeans fulfil aspirations that are beyond their means. And funding travel costs is just the start. Regions and cities could follow up by welcoming young Europeans with language-learning, cultural and social activities, or even targeted assistance for accommodation. The possibilities are endless.
All you should need to start your journey is some spare weeks and lots of curiosity. And all we need for this project to become a reality is your help, your support, your say.
“Getting to know your neighbours and discovering what Europe is about is so important. Europe is all about you; it’s about the people who are so different and yet so similar. It’s about getting to know one another. That’s why Interrail is great. You get to travel all around Europe and find out how beautiful our continent is.”
The idea behind all of this is pretty great, I mean it is beautiful to think that there are people who think to give back to teenagers in this way. I have always said, that the best classrooms don’t have 4 walls!


Where to apply?

Here -> http://www.youdiscover.eu/


Online applications will be open from 12-26 June 2018.

Conditions to apply?

18 years old on 1 July 2018.
National of one of the 28 EU Member States.
Individuals or as a group of up to 5

Journey Timing?

Starts in one of the 28 EU Member States.
Between July and September 2018.
For between 1 and 30 days.
To at least 1 and up to 4 cross-border destinations

Other requirements?

Motivation to visit at least one European Cultural Heritage site.
Applicants need to respond to a quiz on EU cultural heritage, European Parliament elections and Youth.
Want to become a DiscoverEU Ambassador.
Reporting on their travel experiences on social media and making their pictures available for the DiscoverEU anniversary photo exhibition at the European Parliament.

You can find so much more details about this whole project on their website!

Tell me: Where would you go in Europe if you were to be chosen one of the 15,000 lucky teenagers?? I’m curious!


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