Experiencing Gay Pride In Amsterdam For The First Time

Experiencing Gay Pride In Amsterdam For The First Time

I don’t even know with what to start, because Amsterdam is..crazy! To say the least!

You know Amsterdam is the capital of fun right?! Well, obviously you know that, but for those of you who didn’t experience that, I’m going to tell you how I felt at the Gay Pride in Amsterdam.

Okay, let’s get started. From the first minute the train arrived at Amsterdam Centraal, you knew there is gay pride. People dressed in pink and feathers, gay colours flag everywhere on top of buildings (churches, banks, city hall) everywhere!

And also, millions of people per square meter! Literally, you just couldn’t walk faster because were so many people there.

Thousands of boats, police among them (the boat in the middle) police helicopters, I must say I honestly felt safe being there! Even though were millions of people and anything could happen.

And people are happy, nobody cares what you are, what are you doing, they don’t care, they just want to have fun. And some of them had waaay too much fun, I wish I could unsee some things, haha.

experincing gay pride in amsterdam for the first time

I had so much fun, last year when I went to Amsterdam, was exciting because it was for the first time and seeing all the things I saw on Google was great.

But now I wanted to see another part of Amsterdam and I did, but honestly I walked too much and now as I write this blog post my feet hurt.

We had to take a break so we went to a restaurant close to the gay pride boats, called “Amstel Hoeck” with delicious food. We ordered spare ribs with french fries (I want more) and chicken with peanut sauce, salad and french fries (again) and it was delicious! Highly recommend that restaurant, great staff, very friendly and the food was brought to us quickly.

After that we felt so tired that we decided to come home. But the memories we made….oh the memories! They will always remain!

I suggest you should at least one try to go to the Gay Pride in Amsterdam!




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