Favorite Products From 2016

Favorite Products From 2016

Hi guys,

Christmas is gone and the end of 2016 is coming. Yesterday I found out that George Michael died…R.I.P! And I was just listening to “Last Christmas”, what an irony…

And over all that, I’m struggling with spam comments. Not a good end of year, I would say. Has anyone have some anti-spam comments cure?! Because I really need it! Anyway, how did you spend your Christmas? I hope you were with all your loved ones having a great Christmas day. I just went to a nice restaurant, had dinner and then home.

As the year ends, I thought what products i enjoyed the most and were also a good purchase nd I found a few, that I’m in love with and I will definitely buy them again!

Disclaimer: It is not a sponsored post!

Sooo… here they are:

Favorite Products From 2016

1.L’Oreal Infallible Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick  – Long name, haha! These two liquid lipsticks were a gift and I couldn’t be more happier! I didn’t tried many liquid lipsticks, but these two.. OMG! They don’t transfer, I have to rip my lips off, to take it off and it is really long lasting. The red one lasted 10 straight hours on my lips, without touch ups! On one side it is the product itself and on the other has balm to moisturize the lips. Very very good product, I recommend them!

The red one is called – 506 Red infallible

The nude one is called – 113 Invincible Sable (couldn’t find it)

2. Zara Perfumes – I received them as a gift also, for my birthday. When I went to the store and smelled them, I knew I want them. But didn’t buy them. Instead I received them from my boyfriend, haha!

Grey -> “Twilight Mauve” is more fresh, I will use it in the summer.

White -> “Femme” it is more sweet, I use it now in the winter, I feel it is a match!

3. Douglas Nail Polish – I bought them when I was in Rotterdam and I must say they are great. The red one it has so much pigment, I only put one coat. And the clear one it is 2in1 base coat and top coat (at least that it says on the bottle).

I must say I also bought a white nail polish, but I am disappointed in that, because when I apply it, it simply disappears off my nail. (sorry, I couldn’t find it online)

4. Avène Eau Thermale – Well this is a good product for me. A few years ago I had very oily skin, especially in the T-zone (winter and summer). Now in the summer I have oily skin and in the winter dry, I believe it’s mixt-skin, or something like that. So the pharmacist recommended two creams: one light for the summer and one rich for the winter season. It is working great. I love the rich cream for this period.

Then I wanted a foundation and she also recommended me, from the same company, a liquid foundation. It blends so well and I don’t have any blemishes from it. I bought them all 3, because I trust this brand, I’ve used it in the past) they contain thermal water from France and they are tested (not on animals).

Avène Eau Thermale Hydrance Optimale Rich

Avène Eau Thermale Fluid Foundation Corrector – Shade 02 or Natural

5. Astor No. 2 Volume & Curve Mascara Black – I don’t have much to say about this product. I bought it when I was in need of a mascara. It does somehow what it say it does, but don’t surprises me. I use it on an everyday look.

6. Kallos Liquid Liner – I use this product for over 2 years and I’m happy with it. It lasts, doesn’t transfer and it is a true black. It has a tiny brush and that sometimes annoys me, but nothing I can’t handle. (not online)

7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean ScrubI also purchased this when I was in Rotterdam and i’m so happy whith it. I cleaned very well my face and I only have one or two blemishes. I use it two times a week and after I use this I hydrate my skin with the Avene rich cream. It smells really strong, so if you don’t like the smell in skin care products, I don’t know if you will like this one. But I recommend it for oily skin and you should definitely try it.

And these are my favorite products from 2016. Have you tried one of these?

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