Favorite TV Shows

Favorite TV Shows

Hey lovelies,

R.Kelly – Home for Christmas

That’s what I’m listening right now while I write this post. How not to love R.Kelly songs?! I believe he said it’s his first Christmas album. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In my city it snowed a few days ago, so being at the window and seeing that, gave me a cozy feeling! Usually I watch quite a few TV shows at a time and this weather is helping me to get a mug of hot chocolate and the most fluffy blanket I have and watch all night at them.

Favorite TV Shows!


1. Narcos – Everyone is crazy about this show! At the beginning I didn’t want to watch it because it was getting too much publicity. But then I said, well at least I have to see the first episode. Let me tell you that I couldn’t take my eyes out of it. I finished both seasons in a few days! The thing that makes me want to see this show is because this things happened in real life 20-something years ago, so it is pretty recent. I can’t wait for the third season!


2. Pretty Little Liars – For 6 years I’ve been watching this show and when I said “that’s it, I’m not going to watch it anymore” then it’s when I wanted to see the most. It was created in such way that it keeps you tied to the TV screen! In April 2017 will be the big A reveal!


3. Criminal Minds – 12 seasons! These guys know the success recipe. I like this show, but let’s admit without Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) it’s not the same and yet I’m still watching it.


4. Jane the Virgin – Gina Rodriguez is brilliant! It makes me laugh and the story line it is pretty and funny. And because I watched sooooo many telenovelas when I was little I can see why they choose that type of show! (and it happens that I also speak spanish)

(forgot at this one)

5. Empire – In some way it says the truth also. About the music industry and I just like the show.


6. The Librarians – I first watched the movies “The Librarian 1, 2 and 3”.  Loved it and laughed so hard. Then the TV show came. Great! If you don’t know what is it about, it’s about a librarian (at the beginning and then “the librarians”) that has to protect the library and all of its artefacts because magic is real and the library keep all the secrets of the world! And kick ass evil!


7. Hawaii Five-0 – It is pretty similar to “Criminal Minds”. But I don’t know, I just like watching this show. The chemistry between “McGarret and Danno” is funny!


8. Scorpion – It is inspired after the real life Walter O’Brien who is supposed to have the 4th highest IQ in the world. The show is great though!

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Which is your favorite TV show?


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