Going to Amsterdam?

Going to Amsterdam?

  A few days ago months ago, I came back from my recent trip to The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague).The reason for going there was an internship, but hey, I was in The Netherlands, so I had to visit everything I could in 3 months.

I took the train from Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal and when I arrived there was cloudy. I knew this country could be like this and all I could do was praying not to rain today. In the first moment after I arrived there I knew I would like it, you know?!

Sometimes you have this feeling, anyway, while I was in Amsterdam I never took the train, bus or anything else, I  just walk, everywhere. Lucky for me, the city center (where the canals are) is not so big, so I could see almost everything (in the night I had to leave). When I arrived at the canals, the famous canals, immediately the images of me searching “What to do in Amsterdam?” came to my mind. I recognized the places from pictures and felt like my dream became reality.



As I was walking the smell of weed was, well, in the air, I could smell it everywhere on the canals, every tourist there was smoking (not me) and it is normal (and legal), that’s why is Amsterdam. Heineken owns everything, and by that I mean, that on every table from every restaurant/bar somebody was drinking Heineken.

I went with a friend and as we were walking we saw this:


Really?! Don’t get me wrong I don’t judge, Amsterdam is very open with this and The Netherlands in general.

The Red Light District, I guess it’s very  “protected” because we couldn’t find it. Or we didn’t look well after it. The little streets, the canals, and the vibe was great, people are very helpful, what surprised me, were the little buckets with weed displayed at shop windows as if were buckets with salt, walking on one of the little streets we also saw this:



I guess everybody drinks here, huh?! (haha)

    Anybody said food?!

We were walking for a while so were getting hungry, we stopped at a restaurant called “Argentijns Restaurant”, it was on one of the canals. As we were sitting on the chairs, a boat full of tourists, drunk tourists, was passing by and they were yelling or singing, but they were funny. The food was great and the waiter was very nice. One of the dishes, well not dishes, starter, was Aioli.  It’s like a cream that contains garlic, mayo, maybe a little butter, I’m not sure yet, served with roasted bread, it was delicious, here is the graphic representation of it:


I will stop here, because if not, I will write 4000 words, only on this post. Our Amsterdam trip will extend on another blog post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive newsletters every time we post!


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