How To Maintain Your Mental Health

How To Maintain Your Mental Health

Hey guys, I haven’t written in quite a bit, because my free time just vanished! Between finals, gym, studying for driving school, keep writing on my book -> E V A , I really can’t find a good time management. I guess, I have to do better and because of that, started to think lately at my mental health, what can I do to maintain it healthy?! So, I came up with these ideas. I know, you see them everywhere, but they are the truth.

How To Maintain Your Mental Health

Get enough sleep

This is the most important! If you get enough sleep, you will be able to do anything! You know this, come on!

Spend more time outside

Everybody knows how good it is to go in a park or, if you are lucky, at the sea-side (I love being there). Just go outside and walk, stay, look, exercise (now that’s what I’m talking about)!

Laugh more often

Laugh is a good medicine, they say! And I couldn’t agree more, just be happy and grateful for the small things, you never know when they will be gone!

Accept yourself (with imperfections)

I know! It’s hard! Believe me, I’m trying everyday to live with my imperfections, but you have to do it, because if you will not accept yourself, with good and bad, who will?! Imperfections make us perfect, right?!

Ask for help (you’re not Wonderwoman or Superman)

It’s okay, to not know the answer sometimes! You are not born all-knowing, so just ask for help. It will make your life easier! Been there, tried that.

Try and do some things because you want to, not because you’re obligated!

Yep! Try and live a little and do some things your way, not how anybody else is saying you should do them. Tell them: “You do you, I’m gonna do me!”, haha!

Surround yourself with positivity (as well as from you and others)

This is so important! I remember I had a lot of negative people around me and that pulled me down a few years ago… and maybe I see some repercussions till this day, but that’s why we live. To learn!


If you would’ve told me a few years ago that I would go to the gym and write this blog post, I would’ve laughed in your face and tell you, you’re cray-cray! But yes, I started going to the gym, 3 weeks ago and I feel AMAZING! I’ve grown muscles and I’m stronger, I drink waaay more water than before and eat more! Just try it for one month! I will write my opinions about going to the gym after my first month!

Listen to your instincts

You know that feeling in your gut that is telling you what’s right and what isn’t?! Well, that’s your instinct and you should follow it!

Get to know yourself

What better than to know yourself?! Well, at least just a little, by now. But keep getting to know yourself, spend some time with you!

Get better your mental health and would you read a future blog post about my opinions about my first month going to the gym?


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