How To Organize Blog Posts

How To Organize Blog Posts

This is something I’ve learned in over 6 months of blogging and barely getting any views, but this means more work.

So let’s get to it!

If you just started your blog, then I hope to help you by writing about this stuff, even though you can find this everywhere on Google. But here I tell you from my personal experience.


If you don’t have a photographer every time you want pictures (I don’t), take wholesale pictures. I mean, set a day to go somewhere with your friend or someone to take pictures of you and take as many pictures as you can (see my latest blog posts photos), changing outfits can be an option too, if you have somewhere to change.

Also, change the background (in my latest posts I tried but I liked them, so I kept them) in every photo.

That way you can have many pictures for your blog posts, depending on how many you will take. I know, not very proffesional, BUT it is time saving!


Here is where the majority of your time will go! When someone is into blogging that means he/she likes to read, so, make his/her experience a pleasant one! That is what I’m trying here.

-Have something to write down if any idea is coming to you at any time!

-Structure your post: Lead, Intro, Body, Conclusion and Question! That way you can start a conversation with your readers! (I’ll ask a question too at the end of this post).

-Have another look (or 2,3,4..) over the draft. Be very careful with any spelling mistakes or incoherence.

-Don’t look at the word count! Write as much as you like or write every info about that topic in your blog post. Don’t stop just because you have 500 words. But, also be careful not to make it too long, people will get bored of it and leave.

-Change it! Write your main title in a certain way and your paragraph italic, for example, I don’t know. Even your sub-titles, have to be changed, color, font, size. Visually, it will look nicer.


When you are at the beginning, you can’t know what is the best time of the day to post or what days. So, what I did, was posting a few times a week at the beginning, in different days and analyze the analytics (analyze the get the point).

The timing is important because you need to know when you have the most views. Also, set it to be in accordance with your schedule (work, school, etc), that way it will be easy for you to write and find new topics to talk about.

Publish & Share

After you went through all those steps above, it’s time to hit publish and share your blog post on social media. If you have just a few social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) and a lot of free time, then I guess you could publish it manually.

If not, then find an auto-publisher, I guess it’s called, and set the days and hours when you want it to be shared! I’m not using one, but I heard Buffer, is a good one.

Do you know other ways to organize your blog posts?!



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