I Think Some People are Divergent

I Think Some People are Divergent

Yes, yes like in the movie, ha ha. Last blog post got me thinking about life in general and who am I.

 Why Divergent?!

For those of you who didn’t have the chance to see the “Divergent Series” it’s all about society and people. In the movies/books, “divergent” means different, people who don’t comply with the rules.

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I am going to give you some insights about my life to understand the title. Not sure if this is your usual blog post, but I thought that maybe some of you are like this and might help you my side of the story.

You know, when you feel like you are supposed to be in some other place, but instead you are somewhere else?! I have no idea how to explain it, but let me try. Sometimes I feel like I could do anything and sometimes I’m just a couch potato! There’s one more week until exams period starts and I have no clue how am I going to start studying for them. Yet, I have all the tools I need to study, but my determination is low. Maybe because I have studied so hard these past months, my brain just shuts down from time to time…

I should give you some insights 🙂 Enjoy!

When I was little:

I didn’t always like to go and play with the other kids. Sometimes I felt that wasn’t my place

Didn’t quite actually feel like a kid. I matured early

I was always thinking much further than the kids my age did. 

I have always wanted to grow up. And no, I don’t regret it for a minute!

You can say I was bullied because I wasn’t a social kid. 

I was always thinking of ways to be better

I had trust issues! Yes, I wasn’t your usual naive kid who believes everything everyone is saying.



My mind is all over the places! Now I have an idea and in the next minute I am thinking of ways how to create it in real life. Or I have an idea for a blog post, but in a second, better and bigger ideas are coming to my mind and I have to note them down so I don’t forget them. A proof of that are my 30 drafts for blog posts that are waiting in line to be published. Sometimes I have tons of ideas (like these days) when I write 2-3 blog posts in advance and sometimes I don’t post anything. And I hate it because if there’s one thing I enjoy doing, that is writing.

I don’t find myself in many activities that others my age do. Like wild parties and stuff like that.

I always question every information (not always if it comes from a secure source)

Sometimes, at the beginning of a conversation I’m skeptical about what someone is saying

I still have trust issues!!

But, you know what?! It is damn good to be different! That means you can do some things others can’t and that makes you special. It took me a long time to realize this, but hey I’m here! If you are in a similar situation, write a comment below and let’s talk!!

Did you ever feel like this?! What are your opinions about it?


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