Is Blogging That Complicated In 2017?!

Is Blogging That Complicated In 2017?!

Find inspiration, what a writer thinks? Before I started this blog, I’ve always thought my blog posts ideas will go after some time. So, how do you find inspiration to keep a blog running with brand new ideas? Not so easy, considering that the most read blog niches are already on the market, and (almost) all the bloggers are writing about them.

There’s like this magical recipe (I know it isn’t). If you follow these steps, you will succeed. The truth is, that’s not true (see what I did there?!), if it was true all those blog owners, would’ve been millionaires by now. You see for yourself, the ones who have the most success are blogs like fashion, mom blogs and tech. Now, I’m not saying this is wrong, they all have their audience, but they are not the only ones.

Is Blogging That Complicated In 2017?!

If you want to start a blog right now, is hard! I know that first hand! Why?! Because you need, first of all, a good camera. Yep, nowadays you can’t just post something and expect get some decent views, now it is more about the looks. And it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes it takes the meaning of the blog post. Maybe you have something interesting and useful to say, but no one will read (or a few will) because the photos or the look of the blog is not nice.

Second?! You will need a GOOD topic. By that I mean, a shareable, interesting, “most-read” niche. And about those – “read above”. Let’s not hide behind a finger (or a tree.. or whatever you want) those are the most read niches on the blogosphere.

Three?! The influential people in the blogging world. I said it before, I’m not really sure if here or in another blog post, but, the more influential people you know, the better for you and for your blog. They can get you thousands of followers and with that page views, but until when?! They will get tired eventually to promote you (or if you pay them, then that’s not a problem *wink*) and you will remain all by yourself. I know those are some harsh words, yet they are true, my friend!

So, what should you do about it?!

I don’t know! Surprisingly, but that’s my honest opinion. Whatever you think it will be a success <- that’s a more “likeable” answer.

Write from your heart, passion, brain, being, because that’s when people notice you. Of course, start a market search, about what blog posts have more views, on your “niche” and make them yours. Change them, bring something new, along with your personality and you have a fantastic combo!

Be honest! There are already out there, persons who copy one another, not you too! Be honest, yet that will not bring you readers or followers right away, but in the long run, it will worth it!

Be patient! I wrote this blog post a month ago, and I stopped at 100 and something words, because I had “the writer’s block”. Today I made it 514 and counting. How?! Find your peace and everything will come into place. I also started to write on this, when I was already writing another blog post. I know, brains! But that’s the beauty of blogging.

So, go make a blog and start writing!



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