It’s your choice! – Or is it really?!

It’s your choice! – Or is it really?!

Yes, I know! This is not the most popular blog post ever, but I still want to write something about this topic. I missed writing, although I took this time off from blogging to focus on my bachelor thesis and the BIG exam I was telling you about. I’m almost finished with my thesis and soon I will take the test *fingers crossed*. I read a few days ago, that because of the Google algorithm changed and every day there are more and more bloggers out there, I need to do my blog posts longer.

Maybe it would help, however, my question is… why would I write words with no sense just to make it longer?! Sometimes shorter and straight on point is the way to go, just an opinion. But they are the experts right?! And this relates to the blog post of today.

It’s your choice! – Or is it really?!

I have read this title somewhere, I don’t remember where, but it got me thinking. I know, I know, the world’s leaders don’t want us to think, ha ha, breathe please I’m just joking. There are some things that influence us in the decision-making process. You know, this decade (the 20’s) are the most difficult I guess, because you have to decide where you want to go, what to do next and so on. And 3 of the most common situation came to my mind.

   1.People on the Internet telling you what to do and how to look

I see this everyday and it makes me sad, I’m sure there’s not only me. I have one question, why people can’t look at their own life?! If you have something nice to say, just say it, but otherwise maybe should hold it in. Let’s spread positivity!

    2.Parents telling you what career to choose

Ugh, been there, done that! One of the things I hate the most is this one. I’m aware that parents should advise their children (focus on ADVISE), but not demand what they should do. Especially with careers, maybe a child who wants to please its parents will do as they say, but he/she will be unhappy because of that choice. Let kids make mistakes (not life threating mistakes let’s be clear), they will learn from them.

     3.Friends trying to convince you to choose the same path as them

This one can be dangerous… we all know stories about children who followed their friends and then ended up..bad (I don’t want to say how). If you are a teenager reading this, please be careful with what choices are you making based on what your friends are saying. However, if those friends are honest and you feel they want the best for you, then by all means, listen to what they have to say.

Have a nice evening everybody!


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