Do You Know What ROR Is? – Let’s Help!

Do You Know What ROR Is? – Let’s Help!

“Reaching Out Romania” – Let’s Help!

Okay, it is hard for me to open up about this subject, but it’s as real as you can get and it’s happening all over the globe!

Gina Rodriguez talks about latin actors in Hollywood. I will talk about charities around the world, because right now I can’t donate, but the least I can do is raise awareness across this platform, for which I’m very grateful to have. I have a voice, why not use it for good?! Not just for superficial stuff!

Every week I’ll write about a charity/foundation/NGO, whatever you want to call it, from around the world. These people built a house, let’s help them help other in need! I’m very emotional right now so, excuse my grammar.

And no, I’m not paid to talk about them and I’m not affiliated in any way with them!

It’s about “Reaching Out Romania”, a foundation that aims to help romanian sex trafficking victims.

“Since 1998 we have been serving the victims of one of most hideous crimes the humanity has ever witnessed: trafficking in people.”

Every day, every hour, girls and boys are subject to sex trafficking and abused all over Europe.. and the world. Mostly they are minors, children who don’t deserve to suffer like this.

Since 1998 “Reaching Out Romania” , continues till today, to give a future to those kids! Over the years, mostly romanian girls and women have been abused in many European countries.

They are not only recover these girls, but also introduce them to society again. Helping them integrate easily and educate others how to treat them after an experience like this.

They offer medical, legal assistance and shelter to the victims to help them recover, well as recovered as you can get after such a nightmare, but they have a future. Let’s Help Them!

You can read more about “Reaching Out” by clicking here . If you want to help them by donating, you follow the instructions on their website!

Thank you for reading and Let’s Help!


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