Lunch At The Eiffel Tower Restaurant | 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant

Lunch At The Eiffel Tower Restaurant | 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant

I know it’s been quite some time since I came back from Paris, but I just can’t get enough of it! It is truly a breathtaking city, and didn’t believe it, even with people telling me that Paris is that and that. Didn’t believe!

I guess you are familiar with my previous blog post about my trip to Paris, well it was just a weekend, but still a lot of things happened in that weekend. If you have no idea about what I’m talking about, then you should read this blog post ->

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We walked the whole that Saturday, visited all the main attractions (Notre-Dame, Louvre and the Eiffel Tower) and I had bumps on my toes and feet from all the walking. But it was all worth it!

When we came down from the top of the tower, at the 1st floor, we stumbled across a big “patio”. Yes it was, like a playground for kids, souvenir shops and a terrace, where you could serve a glass of champaign or wine, or everything else you wanted.

We knew since we left Holland, that in the Eiffel Tower, there’s a restaurant. What we didn’t think was the fact that, maybe, to go there you’d need a reservation months ahead! The thought striked me at the restaurant doors!

Well, we said we better bet our chances and get in. At the front door, there was like a, butler, I guess I can say, whom I said: ” Hi, we don’t have a reservation, is there any free table?”. We are some lucky…people! Right there a table just got free for 2! I couldn’t believe it.

We sat, they brought our menus (and yes, they speak perfectly English) and for start we ordered two glasses of wine.

What surprised the most, were the prices. “58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant” has some “normal” prices.

  • Entre-Main course-Dessert: 27 euros
  • Main course-Dessert: 22.50 euros

Or something like that, take or leave a few cents. I couldn’t believe it.

The food was brought to us in 5 minutes. I ordered carbonara pasta with trouffles sauce.

And for dessert I ordered Chocolate Mousse. The only remark I could make here, is that, because the chocolate used was dark, it was a little bit too bitter.

My boyfriend wanted the menu with entrée included so, he ordered egg with two types of salad underneath and caviar on top. (the oblique thing is like a biscuit).

For the main course he ordered chicken with purée and beans.

And for dessert he ordered, Creme Brule. Unfortunately, he was a BIG fan of it and ate it before I could take some photos of it. Next time!

Overall it was good, what impressed me, is that they don’t bring you at the table salt and pepper, they trust what they’re doing I guess. But to be honest, it was so good, the dishes didn’t even need that, the chef did them just perfectly.

I recommend you to go, 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant, but if you go like we went, without reservation, then you have to be really lucky to find a free table. It can be crowded, and you can wait even 30 minutes for a table to get free!

So, make reservations in time!


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