Madame Tussaud’s Museum – Amsterdam

Madame Tussaud’s Museum – Amsterdam

Hey there,

I’m sitting in my bed, with the laptop on top of my legs and listening to Frank Sinatra – Christmas songs. I guess I have one of those times where I listen to Christmas songs, even it is a little bit too early. Better yet, take this playlist right here and listen.

This man has a wonderful voice. Yep! Christmas songs at the begging of December. Last week I was telling you about my recent trip to Amsterdam. What I didn’t tell you then was that I visited Madam Tussaud’s Museum in Amsterdam.

The Museum is situated in the city center.


Like 10-15 minutes walking from the Central Station. When we arrived at the entrance there were 2-3 people. We were lucky! A week earlier the line was around the corner. Funny thing: after we arrived and were ready to buy the tickets, 10 people came after us! I guess everybody wants to see Angelina & Brad’s wax figures. Now I heard they separated them (the was figures I mean, you know, to match).


Well, now comes the series of events that I don’t really enjoy. The ticket costs 25 euros/person at the museum’s front desk but if you buy it online it is 17 euros. They have more “promotional packages” here. Now, I don’t say it’s expensive, but compared to other museums in Amsterdam, I say it is a little bit expensive for what you see.

Wax Figures

So, the most interesting part, the part that everybody wants to see, the wax figures. Yes, they are very very realistic. They measure like in real life. When I looked in J.Lo’s eyes it seems like she was looking at me also. Another thing, the museum is made like a maze. Yeah you know where to go, almost, but not quite. You know what I mean?! For me, it was like a maze, because one time I didn’t know where to go. Anyway, I followed other people and so I managed to see everything. At Captain America place, the floor is moving and the lights are low, sounds like an earthquake is coming. Pretty interesting experience, I’d say.


(Nice guy :)) – President Barack Obama. You will see him at the entrance)


(See me and J.Lo are kinda the same. Just kidding :)) )


(You couldn’t get close to Johnny Depp – it was a red cord around him)


(Hello King of Pop)


(Couldn’t hold myself with Beyonce :)) )

The quality of the photos is not that good because we used a camera phone. There are much more wax figures, I just didn’t take more photos. Don’t ask me why!


For opinions, I thought a lot about what to say because I enjoyed it. For the first time, you know you have expectations. I’ll be honest, Madame Tussaud’s Museum Amsterdam didn’t reach my expectations. The thing was that I expected to be much, much bigger. We saw everything in 30 minutes. The museum is really small. I don’t know how London one is, but I hope I get to see it some day. That is the main thing that disappointed me.

Have you visited Madame Tussaud’s Museum Amsterdam? What are your thoughts?


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