My Face Skin Story + Best 2 Products I Can’t Live Without

My Face Skin Story + Best 2 Products I Can’t Live Without

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*it is not a sponsored post or affiliated. all opinions are my own and the products were bought with my own money*

Hey guys, I’m sorry for not posting so often now, but between gym, school, projects for school and life, I can’t keep up with everything so good as I want to! This week I’ve started going to the gym and I must say it’s pretty darn good, I feel better, my body changed in just a few days. I eat much more than before, but I also drink a lot more water, which is good for your body and skin! Do you want me to do a gym special blog posts updates?! If so, tell me in the comments bellow!

So, because many people have asked me (in “my private life”, haha) how do I maintain my face clean and without too many imperfections, I said why not write a blog post about it!

How Do I Maintain My Face Clean?

A little back story….

It’s not clean..clean, but I’m happy the way it is! It has imperfections, discolorations, pimple craters, because when I was younger, I used to pop them. And in the long run, THIS IS NOT GOOD for your skin! Besides that, I also was putting on may BARE face foundation. How in the world I was so stupid?! It is a rhetorical question, don’t need to answer.

But I didn’t know better, because back then, YouTube wasn’t such a big thing and “make-up gurus”, well, they didn’t exist, or if they did, I couldn’t find them. So, I ended up having a face full of pimples and black heads and a really bad skin.

When I saw the repercussions of my actions, then I decided not to put anything anymore on my face, not even hydrating creams or cleansers! Then I spent years not putting that on my face and I notice that my face was starting to cure itself. I tried many, many face cleansers, creams, and so on…nothing was going to do any better.

I remember one day, I bought a day cream from a shi**y company, a cheap one, and the next day I had red dots on my face, I even had one in the eye! I got scared and ran to the dermathologist, she gave me some solutions and thank God I got rid of them. But that was a lesson, DO NOT BUY cheap products! Especially if you will use them on your face.

And now…

Best 2 Skin Care Products

I’m not a doctor, this is just my personal opinion, before buying anything ask your doctor!

After many trials and errors, las year when I went to Rotterdam I discovered The Body Shop. I have heard of it, but didn’t tried their products. The girl from the store asked me what kind of skin type I have, I said I have it oily, kind of, because now it is mixed. And she recommended me this:


The Body Shop Tea Tree – Squeaky-Clean Scrub

It does have a strong smell of herbs and stuff, but it is great! I use this 2 times a week, if you use it everyday it will ruin your skin, because it has tiny particles and it can be a little rough for an everyday use.

I have mine for almost for a year and I’m about to finish it! Yep I need to buy more. But the point is, since I’ve used it my face got cleaner and luminous, hope you understand.

It is true, after I wash my face with it, it becomes a little tight,but for that is the next product…



Eau Thermale Avene – Hydrance Optimale (Riche)

I also have on light, that is for the summer. It is made in France and it has thermal waters in its ingredients.

I use it after I cleanse my face with the scrub from above and it has done miracles with my skin. It hydrates it and give it elasticity. After I took a bath, I noticed that my face is producing around my nose, some dead skin I guess. This is the only product that works and stops them from reproducing.

I’m using it also, as a base for my foundation. A foundation from the same company, the only foundation that my skin accepts, and that is: Couvrance correcteur de teint – Fond de teint correcteur fluide.

Couldn’t find it on their website, but you can search for it!

Especially for oily skin, like mine. Have you tried them? Thank you for reading! Maybe you can say other good products for skin?!


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