Myths About Blogging | Perspective Of A Beginner Blogger

Myths About Blogging | Perspective Of A Beginner Blogger

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Too much “b” and “blog” in the title, haha. Anyway! From a few days ago, I started to learn how to drive, I’m at the book read stage. In a week I’ll start driving for real and I’m scared. Hope not to do any damage.

I was also thinking what king of “blogger” am I. Because I don’t know hot to call my writing and my categories, I believe it’s personal, right?! These days I’ve read many blogs, but I stumbled upon some things that didn’t make sense to me being a beginner blogger and I thought of write them here, so you can give your opinion about them!

Let’s start with what you are here for!

Myths About Blogging | Perspective Of A Beginner Blogger

1. That you can make money in 2 months after starting blogging. BS! It is not possible if you don’t bring traffic, lots of it! And by that I mean like, over 10.000 views a month. And even then you still don’t make enough to quit your full-time job and survive only from blogging. I see all these titles on Pinterest about “How I Made $ 2,000 in my First Month”. Bi… damn! Yeah sure, if you are already a known person, yeah you can do it! You can also do it, if a big blogger (BIG) says something about you!

This is coming from a person who started from zero. And still have some days, when I don’t have any traffic.

2. You don’t have to interact (with other bloggers) to bring traffic. Baby it’s about connections! Like in politics, you have to comment, like, subscribe, be active on social media. So you can accomplish your dream of making it a full-time job, for that you need people -> people bring views -> views bring the possibility of having ads on your blog -> having ads on your blog brings money! Follow that.

3. That you don’t need photos to blog. WROONG! Maybe you’ve heard of the sentence “visual content means sometimes more that the writing content”. People are visual creatures, they judge over how you look. It is true, let’s not pretend, having a clean blog theme and quality and bright photos can bring you much more traffic than your friend, because you are much more attractive visually.

And honestly, I’m in a point where I don’t take or have photos of myself of “flat lays”. Still thinking what to do about it!

4. That you have to “follow the pattern”. I mean, write about what other bloggers are writing. NO! Be YOU! Write about whatever you want, because there is something for everyone on the Internet. If you like what you write and 1 person likes it, chances are he/she speak about you, and the 2nd person also likes you, they will talk about you and you will have people reading you constantly and you will grow.

5. Not being consistent! Try and write at least 2 times a week and again be active on social media, as much as you can. Get out of your comfort zone (I’m talking from experience) and talk to people. Try do a schedule, when to publish blog posts, when to post on social media, etc.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t one of the myths, but I had to write it down.

6. That you have to invest tons of money in blogging. You can have a blog for as little as 100 euros/year (Europe) or less. I chose a little expensive┬ábecause I know my blog is safe with them (I’ll talk another time about hosting, if you want to know about it) and I invest in my passion, so I want to be secure.

And these are just a few of those myths that I thought it is necessary to talk about them! If there are more myths, please share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading guys! <3


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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