New Blog Theme & Updates

New Blog Theme & Updates

So, with what should I start?! The summer is over, first of all and that is making me sad, but right now I start a new chapter and I’m so excited about it!

Summer Overview…

In June I finished my 2nd year of university, time flies sooo fast! Made a mistake and waited too long to go on my internship, in The Netherlands. I left in the middle of July, should’ve left earlier, but hey, no regrets! I returned to the company I went to last year and I was so happy, they accepted me this summer too!

I reunited with all my colleagues from last year, well most of them, some of them left, but I was still happy that I was there, one more time!

I visited a few cities this summer and I’m so happy I got to see some of my travel wish list points coming to life! In the middle of the summer I heard about the Gay Pride in Amsterdam and I said I must go and see it.

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It was surreal…. and unique, experiencing that for the first time. I was shocked and I also saw some things I wish I couldn’t see. But in a way, I was expecting that.

From a financial point of view, man th government is very happy with it! And I agree, millions of tourists come every year just to see the gay pride! Lucky for me I live one hour driving from Amsterdam, so I didn’t have to stay overnight!

Next? And the most exciting thing this summer, was visiting Paris! It left me speechless. I never thought it would, because it is just a city, but Paris has so much history in it, that it would be impossible not get lost in the city.

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This is one of the photos I took from the Montparnasse Observatory Tower…breathtaking. We went for a weekend there and I loved it!

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Friday we went on a boat ride on the Seine river and a city tour at night! Saturday, we walked the whole day, from morning until night. We saw, Notre-Dame, Louvre Museum, The Eiffel Tower and so much more. I saw some places, where many movies were made and I felt so impressed. We also had luck and stayed just one hour in line to go on the top of the Eiffel Tower and I must say…if you are in Paris, this is a must!

It is breathtaking, I know, I know, I say that a lot but it really is. After we took the stairs to go down, my legs were shaking), we stopped at the middle of the Eiffel Tower and ate lunch at the restaurant there, it is called “58 Restaurant Tour Eiffel“.

Very good food and the stuff very friendly, they brought our food in like 5 minutes! It worth a visit.

P.S.: I will write a blog post about the experience there!

New Blog Theme

You know, one chapter ended, another one is about to start?! Well, my blog is almost a year and I wanted a change for it.

The fall is here and changes are coming!

The first theme I bought, was also from and I was very happy with it, but this one I love and I feel it more like me! I believe it also has more features than the previous one!


My internship is over and I must go back and finish my final year of the University! Next year is bigger than this one!

How are you? What do you say about the new theme?


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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