Postacard From Rotterdam | Travel Diary

Postacard From Rotterdam | Travel Diary


I like so much traveling and writing about it! It’s like my therapy, you know?! How are you guys?

Today I had an exam and I did pretty well at it, but my mind was at this blog post, because will be the last one from traveling this week. Yeeaah, didn’t travel that much and I will not start to invent now, haha. Earlier today, I posted a picture on Instagram, where I asked you where do you think that picture was taken. Well, I’m sure you figured it out from the title… drum roll, please. Rotterdam! Yes, my beloved city. The city I love and I wish to go back there soon.

Went there because of an internship and now I want to move there. I lived there 3 months (the whole summer) and I loved it.

Where To Stay?

I found accommodation on Housing Anywhere . A website for students to find cheap accommodation during their studies or internships. If you are in the city just to visit for shorter periods of time, you can find a hotel. While there, I mostly cooked, in a sec I will tell you where to eat good food! Lived in a nicely neighborhood in Schiedam, 15-20 minutes from the old town of Schiedam. Similar to the city center of Amsterdam, you will see in the pictures. And also very close to the company where I was interning.

FYI: Again I’m telling you, I have no pictures with the restaurants where I ate, because I had no idea I would have a blog.

In Rotterdam was the first time I saw sooooo many bikes. I mean these guys have their own line with traffic lights and everything. They have bikes parking spaces, they sure do love biking! But, after I lived there I understand, it’s easier to go from point A to B and you don’t have to pay for parking. Great! Didn’t have the chance to bike, but next time I will definitely do that.

What I love about this city is that it’s more quite than Amsterdam and more mature, I would say. I like it more, because it’s like me, I don’t know how to say it to sound good. Hope you get idea. It is very close to Amsterdam, only one hour away by car and 45 minutes by train. In Amsterdam you will have problems with finding parking and it’s a little expensive in the city center.

Where To Eat In Rotterdam?

We ate in different places, so I will put a hyperlink so you can see what everyone has to offer.

1. Shabu ShabuSushi restaurant with an interesting way to order. They give you a tablet and you can choose from there what do you want. You don’t have the option to add or remove something from the rolls. Also for 2 hour it’s all you can eat. It means that you pay, let’s say 20 euros, order as much as you want, but at the end of those two hours, you don’t have to have leftovers, because you pay for them. Interesting! I ate too much, when we left I felt like exploding. The food is good and the fish and all the seafood looked fresh.

2. Restaurant Bazaar RotterdamWell the name says it all. It’s a restaurant with Middle Eastern cuisine. It also has a hotel, so if you go to Rotterdam you can also stay at their hotel. The food was ok, I was not impressed, but I liked the food. We order a soup, if I can remember well, and I remember I liked it because it had taste, had flavour and it was spicy.

And that’s it with restaurants, haha. Yeeah, we didn’t get out a lot. I also tried Burger King. Hate it! Too much sauce, too greasy. I didn’t like it at all.

All these restaurants are on or next to Witte de Withstraat. Which is the most popular area next to Erasmusbrug and there are lots of restaurants with different cuisines. 

This is from Markthaal, yeeah, you should’ve seen me in there. Food everywhere!

Hope you enjoy my trip to Rotterdam and see ya soon! <3







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