Postcard From Spain

Postcard From Spain


Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

“…. got this feeling in my body, ooh” Yep, yep! I listen to this song while I write “Postcard From Spain”. It’s the 2016 version Pharell’s “Happy” , right?! Hit play and read what I have to say about my trip to Spain.

So, I took this trip to Spain 2 years ago, when I finished highschool, here you have a post about it.

While in Madrid we got to see, Plaza Mayor, it is gorgeous and pretty big I’d say. very beautiful architecture, but when we visited it, was under construction. The red walls that you see with grey windows, where actually curtains and workers were there to repair the facade. Then we took a walk trough the streets and I really liked their buildings architecture. On my next trip to Spain I want to see a small city,  some true Spain village.

Unfortunately, I would not know to tell you, how to get there by bus or metro, because we travelled by car. But Google is a more than enough resource to tell you that, haha. After that we went to Parque del Retiro. also tried to photograph Puerta del Sol, but it’s blurry, because it was took from the car and we didn’t stop to take some pictures. But here you have some, from the park.

FYI: Back then I didn’t know I would end up having a blog and that I would need pictures to show, excuse my ignorance for not taking better pictures. Also the pictures were taken by my boyfriend with a Sony camera.

We left in the morning from Madrid, when it was still cold, because from it to San Pedro Del Pinatar, to be exact, it’s a 4 hour car drive. Let me tell you something. When th sun was up, we baked in the car! That’s how hot it was. My dress was soaked up from my back. My face was sweating. I felt like I was in Sahara desert or in a sauna. But, we got there and we had some bad experience with a motel or house, or whatever the h*&^ was that. I don’t even remember the name, but they lied to us on the phone, also they said the room was nice and so on. BULLS*&^!

Lucky for us, we had a friend there and we stayed in her apartment. So sorry, I don’t have no info about rooms and hotels, but again, you should find them on Google. What I liked at that small village is the fact that it’s quiet and the people are nice and the beach was 5 minutes walking from where we stayed. The water is the most warm that I’ve swam in. Honestly! I don’t really like stay in the water, I prefer bronzing, giirls, I know, here I am. But this one, Jeez, it was so good and warm. From 7 days, it rained in one, but it’s not the end of the world.

We ate at this restaurant called “Los Molinos”. We ate breakfast there, lunch and dinner, when we didn’t cook at home and their food is delicious. If you are there, you should try it. Again no pictures, because I didn’t thought about that back then. Enjoy the view.


And then this is the food that my bf’s mother cooked and it was delicious.

I would eat all day sea food. ALL Day! And then there’s Paella. Also at the beach we tried Churros. After I ate 4 of them with chocolate I don’t think I want that again. I wanted to puke, not because it was bad, but because it was TOO damn sweet.

And because it wasn’t enough, we also bought waffles with chocolate on top.

Watching back I want to re-make this trip, so that this time I take better photos and visit a lot more. Spain has many beautiful place and I can’t wait to discover at least a few of them. Hope you enjoyed my Spain vacation story. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media channels and subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates every Sunday!


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      January 23, 2017 / 6:56 pm

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      I’m sure you will enjoy Barcelona.

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