Prepare A Valentine’s Day Inspired By “50 Shades”

Prepare A Valentine’s Day Inspired By “50 Shades”

Finally, I have finally finished my finals period and now I’m on vacation! I’m also going to start studying for my driving licence exam aaand I’m nervous. What is scaring is the fact that I have to learn all those mechanics stuff. But, I have to! And because of my finals I could be more active on social media, but in the same time I’m not a fashion/beauty/lifestyle/food blogger to post every few hours a picture or I don’t know.

What do you say?

I’m not such a big fan of flowers and useless stuff, so I thought what a girl would want and enjoy. And I thought of myself, what I would like to receive on Valentine’s Day. Something with significance and involve the both of us. Also, if I receive chocolate I’m not sure I would share that! I like waaaay too much chocolate.

Taking advantage of the release of “50 Shades Darker” movie and Valentine’s Day I thought of giving you some inspiration. In some places, it’s a little too sexy inspiration, BUT it’s Valentine’s Day and that’s why it is for!

I have some ideas for girls and for boys and I hope you can find them useful!

A “50 Shades” Inspired Valentine’s Day

Girls: Go to the ladies department and buy something APPROPIATE for the occasion! You know what I mean by that…

Boys: Take her to see “50 Shades Darker” movie. Trust me, I KNOW it’s not just her who wants to see this movie.

Girls: Make some moves while on the cinema! Sexy moves…. with your hands! You know to get in the mood…. Don’t you dare judge me, ’cause I KNOW, guys will LOVE it!

Boys: Make a reservation for two at that nice restaurant you wanted to take her for a long time. Or if you haven’t one in mind, start searching.

Also Boys: Make another reservation or buy a Valentine’s Day package at a hotel. Got it?! Or if you can afford something more, go just the two of you on some romantic gateway weekend in another city or country!

Still Boys: Rent for an hour a helicopter and make the city tour! If THIS isn’t some “50 Shades of Grey” sh*t, then I don’t know what is!

What do you say about these?! I believe they are much more intelligent “gifts” than flowers and chocolate. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against that, but you know, it’s good some change from time to time. And everyone needs inspiration, and here I am. Or… you can read “50 Shades” books and there you will have PLENTY of inspiration. Ha ha!

Wish you a happy and inspire Valentine’s Day!


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