Reflecting on 3 Years of University + Graduation Day

Reflecting on 3 Years of University + Graduation Day

Soo, today was graduation day..what can I say about it?! It’s nothing you already don’t know, but at the same time it’s different for every one of us! When you enroll in a University all you think about in the beginning are the colleagues and classes (& professors). I’m SO happy I took classes seriously (sometimes). These 3 years of university have changed me in a better version of myself (obviously, duh), although I know people who don’t feel the same way. I’m damn proud I pushed myself to go to that internship, I’m proud of myself I didn’t quit my studies even though sometimes it was easier to go look for a job and give up everything. I’m proud of myself for becoming a better me.

I’m so scared and excited for the next phase in my life, I wish I could write here, but first it needs to happen on paper and then I will shout everywhere what is happening!! In the meantime I will reflect on 3 years of University + some graduation photos.

Reflecting on 3 Years of University

  1.International Projects

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This is the BEST thing that has happened in all 3 years of University!! Nothing can beat this, it gave me so much more knowledge than all the courses combined. I’m not saying that theory isn’t important, but cultural experience is the best knowledge you can have. I went to The Netherlands with such a close mindset and came back a different person. All the people I’ve met there and friends I still have until today shaped me. Bonus perks: got to visit a few major cities in The Netherlands and now I am more familiar with Amsterdam than I am with my home town, haha.

I would recommend going on an exchange program abroad to anyone, because it’s a unique experience and will teach you tons!

  2. Behavior changes

I became a little more of an extrovert, because I had to communicate more with different kinds of people. In high school I was too shy and university helped me overcome this problem. Again, this is related with the first point. And many say that university doesn’t change you, but it’s simply not true. I have changed my mindset, my vocabulary, the way I act and most importantly: my closet! If in high school I was studying at the neighborhood’s high school, once I got to university things changed. I had to deal with important people along the way and I’ve learned that there is always a time and a place for how to dress.

I don’t care what people say anymore! Oh boy, this was a difficult one! Maybe the reason for which I was so shy in high school was because I cared too much of what people say about me and didn’t dare to shut their mouth. But with university (and leaving the country) that thing changed. Now I simply don’t care, even with this blog I was so nervous in the beginning because of what people are going to say! Yet here I am after 2 years still blogging and with a handful of people who support me. Thank you!!

  3. Student life

Aaah, this might be a long idea. Ok, so first things first..

a) I’ve never lived on campus – yeah, that’s because the University in which I enrolled is in my home town, therefore I’ve lived with my family. One of the benefits of living at home is obviously the financial motive, didn’t have to pay rent.

b) I was a conscious student – always, was with my projects on time and studying for finals. Sometimes, I think of what would have happened if I wasn’t so conscious, because some of my colleagues weren’t like that and they still graduated, h*ll they didn’t even come to classes so often and they still passed the exams.

c) I’m happy with my choice – I chose to study Communication & PR and that’s the best field I could’ve chosen! You can basically go and work in almost every domain out there and if you are an introvert this will make you to come out of your shell!

d) Didn’t have the opportunities – ..but I created them myself! Being a relatively small town, there aren’t many employment opportunities in my field, so I created one. I started this blog which taught me how to create a self-host blog, learned about how invoices work, that I have to be registered as a business in order to make money out of it (yes I had no idea how things work around here), taught me how to respond to emails, how to schedule blog posts and maintenance & so much more!


Graduation Day


In the morning my hands and feet were cold and sweaty, are these what we call emotions?! Why in the world would I have those?! It’s just a graduation, I don’t consider it something TOO fancy, you know what I mean?

All day I was thinking how to organize my blog post about it. I really didn’t even think about the ceremony that much, instead I was thinking about this blog. Is this what we call a passion for what you do?! Maybe..

Was a chaos! Nobody knew were to go and what to do, we had just one photographer who had to divide to 100 students. Not so fun when every one of them wanted a photo with their relatives, colleagues and friends.

The… cap was sliding off my head! I have no idea if my head was too big or too small, but it annoyed me so much!! It even fell off when the professor gave me my diploma….ugh.

Oh, and my feet were hurting so badly because of those shoes. Well actually the shoes were comfortable, but I hadn’t walked in heels in a while, so my feet screamed a little.

   Yeeah, not quite the day… but it had its good moments


In the end I am happy. Happy because I made it through it all, learned SO much and made some friends along the way. Happy because this experience will led me to some amazing adventures in the (hopefully, close) future!

 Have you finished college? Or are you still studying? What are your thoughts about this whole thing so far?! (your studies of course)


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
You can read more about me by clicking “About”.

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  1. Florin
    May 19, 2018 / 7:24 am

    Hi ,

    I graduated the University too but the best thing is that I still continue the trip to the next level (Master in the same field ) and it is a great development for me and most probably for everyone.
    Beside studies , the internships are important and without you I couldn’t made it out of my comfort zone!
    You are a great example of pushing yourself.
    Congrats again!😘

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