Review Your Blog This Fall

Review Your Blog This Fall

As fall has already started, I want to post more on the blog. With my crazy schedule, I’m hoping, at least to do so.

I like fall, it was not always like this, I used to hate it. The rain is coming, school is starting and I don’t like cold. But part of growing up is to accept the good and the bad, and be grateful for every day.

And to think, this blog started in this season, makes me appreciate it even more, by the way…did I mention Georgiana Veronica blog will be 1-year-old in one month?! I feel like it is my baby and because of that I want to talk to you bloggers, the ones who maybe throw a short look on my blog. Thank you and you rock! Just for starting a blog and make it this far.

Now I want to ask you something, whether you started your blog since last month or you have it for a 1 year -> review your blog!

Go Self-Hosting

You’ve done this blogging thing for a while now,  maybe you also want it to transform into a full-time job?! Then you know (because I’m sure you read all of those articles on Google how to make money of your blog). I must say, going self-hosting was one of the best things I did when I started my blog! Not only I have the authority over it, I own it, I also have the chance to make money out of it. And who knows maybe making my full-time job!

SiteGround has a special offer this month and give you 60% off of the price for a hosting plan. If you’re interested in it, then just click here and read more.

Review Old Posts

This is the best way to gain more traffic and also post fresh content and updated information.

Make some cleaning in there, delete useless blog posts, you’ll see the difference!

Take Care Of Your Blog’s Theme

Seriously! How your blog looks visually has a great impact on the reader. if your blog is clean, has clear colours and neutral, the reader will come back for more.

The photos are also important. Nowadays, every smart phone has a decent camera (like mine, over there, or as decent as you can get) and you can take some pretty decent photos for your blog!

Update Your About & Contact Page

I see from my Google Analytics that the most viewed page, of all time, is my about page. People want to know who you are, so don’t be afraid to show your face, or write something about you. You don’t have to write your whole life story, but something for people to know more about you. Readers connect with people


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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