Spring Cleaning Starts With Your Blog

Spring Cleaning Starts With Your Blog

What do you say about cleaning your blog this spring?

I’d say it’s a pretty good idea, considering the fact that you clean your house, why shouldn’t you clean your blog also?!

House: rugs, windows, floors, closet, bathroom…. Checked? Checked!

Blog: follow me!

a) How long ago did update you info page?

I think it’s time to do that (if you haven’t already done it, last month, then skip this).  Your “About me” page is one of the most viewed on your blog and must be kept updated. Try inserting some new photos (go and do a photo shoot). Write something new, some things you’ve accomplished so far regarding your blog, etc.

b) Did you plan everything for your blog?

Well, if not then go and do that! I plan my blog posts the most. I do them monthly, I mean, plan them on days (Tuesday and Thursday) for the whole month. You will not have the stress, “oh, what to write today/tomorrow..” you get the point.

c) How happy are you with your hosting company?

If you aren’t self hosted, you should go and do that, first.. Second, find what best suits your needs. Look for prices, support and security. Summer, pretty clothes, sunny all the way: Go Blog!

d) Look through your blog posts and see what should be erased or updated

Find those unnecessary blog posts that you are ashamed with and erase them. Also, find the ones that you like and maybe update them.

e) How are you with the SEO?

Try improves that by watching some YouTube videos, or take some classes, read some blogs about it (there are tons, literally) and make it better! You need it. I also wrote something on Yoast SEO here.

f) What do you say about an image change?

And by that I mean how your blog looks. Maybe update the current theme, clean it just a bit, to look more cool. Or buy a new one, if you know how to code (that’s cool) you should create your own theme.

And that’s pretty much all, or not.. I don’t know if you have something else do it and please tell me in the comments. Maybe I missed something.

Have a good day babes!


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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