Talking About My Erasmus+ Experience (Summer Internship)

Talking About My Erasmus+ Experience (Summer Internship)


Some of you may know about my Erasmus+ experience, the new ones maybe don’t. So, to begin with, I did this because I wanted to gain some experience, see how is it in another country and get used to another country’s system.

It all started in my 2nd year of University, first semester. Many suggested I should go a semester in another country with Erasmus+ to study, didn’t like that. I wanted something more, something that could really teach me something. I knew I didn’t want to stay the next summer doing nothing, so I thought to do something useful and travel in the same time. First option was Spain, because I can speak Spanish, but not even one company accepted me there, the only period is 6 months and the internship period starts in February or September. Didn’t like that!

The 2nd option was Germany. At this point I was convinced by others to go to study. It wasn’t my choice, I didn’t feel happy. I found out everything I needed to know and let it go. My 6th sense was telling me there is something more, just wait. And I was right! An opportunity was rising up shortly after that.

My BF aunt is living in The Netherlands, she is working at a company and I applied at that company at her suggestion. Now I was in a sort of time crisis. Because the whole process of talking to the manager, him coming home from his business trip, reviewing my CV and other things took a little over a month. And I had to be registered in the Erasmus+ process, take the English test and wait for the results. It was a stressful period, exchange of documents between the company and the University, waiting for answers and ugh, life…

Erasmus+ is a good place to start your career!

My dream was to do an internship in another country. I saw it happen, after some weeks I found out I was accepted in the program and good to go in the summer. Choosing an internship within Erasmus+ scholarship wa the best thing I’ve  done!

The Erasmus+ scholarship grant for internship is 700 euros/month, but this can change, also I stayed 3 months, you also have a period frame for it. You can’t stay less than 42 days or something like that. I found the accommodation with these guys -> Housing Anywhere and I was lucky, because the place was at 20 minutes walking from the company. So, I didn’t have to pay for transportation. For a room in a shared apartment I paid 500 euros.

Rotterdam is one of, if not the best, city I’ve ever went to. It is the city version of me, that’s how I like to describe it.

Lots of students, beautiful places to see and being in such a small country you can visit any city from there.

During my internship I met some pretty cool peeps, I’m still in touch with some of them and can’t wait to go back to that city and people. The language I spoke was English, they speak really good English so it wasn’t a problem, now I started to learn Dutch. If you go to The Netherlands for study or an internship know that they are some of the coolest people and they will teach you everything, well depends on your time and you as a person.

After my internship was finished, in the last day, Gave the papers to the manager to sign them and I almost cried. At the end of your internship, as well as in the beginning, you have to give the manager the documents to sign, that will prove you really went there and did that internship.

If you lie in some ways, you have to give back the money to the EU, so be honest, you only have to win in this experience if you really want! I wasn’t in a group, so I didn’t go in an organized trip, but instead I was with my best friend, my BF and travel buddy for life and it was the most rewarding experience so far. We could visit Amsterdam 2x, The Hague a few times more and Rotterdam every weekend. I got to know so well that city, if you tell me that x building is in y part of Rotterdam I know where it is located.

If you are thinking to go with Erasmus+ abroad, either for study or an internship like me, you will learn so many things and it will change the way you think. Go, it is a rewarding experience!

Hope I could help!


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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