The Cheapest 3 Travel Websites

The Cheapest 3 Travel Websites

Since it’s vacation season, I’m talking about trips and what’s most important, where you can buy cheap ones! Don’t worry, they are trustworthy!

Since I moved here, I always wanted to go visit Paris, we are only 2,5 hours away by train and 5 hours by car. I also have the plane option, but is too expensive. Well, also I wanted last year to visit it, but I couldn’t. Instead I visit, the heck out of Amsterdam and The Hague, and Rotterdam, pretty obvious, right?

This summer I’m finally going to see one of the beautiful cities in the world!

How To Travel Cheap?!

From experience I tell you it’s expensive to look separately is going to cost you more! I searched for train tickets, separately from housing, well, only the train would’ve cost me 500 euros from Rotterdam to Paris for 2 people. I said, heck no!

I almost gave up on the idea of visiting Paris this year too. Until, a friend of mine started looking with me for trips to Paris. She used this service a few years ago and it was great for her, so she recommended it to me!

When you want to travel, try to book tickets/housing in advance with a few months! The best option!

If you are not sure about the timing, then I am here to help with these 3 websites that have last-minute offers!

The Cheapest 3 Travel Websites


This is the website I’ve used to book my trip to Paris! I got a coupon code for 20% off my original price ticket. So I’m thinking it’s a pretty good deal! They also have beauty, clothes and many more services.

You can also find this website with, .com, worldwide!

Slangen Reizen

Another good website for trips si Slangen Reizen. They also have student trips, and 1 day trip and many more. But this is dutch, which means is in Dutch language, or at least I didn’t see the English translation.

They offer bus+hotel deals.


They offer good and cheap deals, but then again, they offer flight+hotel packages.

If you are a student and you are on a budget, then these website are perfect for your need when you want to travel. But, also even if you are on a salary, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you guessed it! They have your back!

I can’t wait to show photos from France!

Do you have more affordable travel websites you want us to know?

P.S.: They are dutch because I found them by being here. I’m not affiliated with any of the websites above, I’m talking just from experience.


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