5 Tips For Getting Out Of A Bad Mood

5 Tips For Getting Out Of A Bad Mood

These days, I’ve been feeling a little down and I really can’t tell you a good reason why. And it is so annoying because I want to know it too. I guess it’s one of those periods a year, where you feel like crap and you have no idea why! And it is not good, because you annoy and get sad the most important people in your life.

That makes you even more sad…Only women have this period that sucks or men have it too?! I’m really curious!

Yes, I know these blog posts are all over the internet, but this tips really have an effect on me and get me out of the bad mood, sometimes. Nothing stays bad forever, neither are you going to be sad forever, so let’s change that!

July 2017 Round Up

5 Tips For Getting Out Of A Bad Mood

Surround yourself with positive people

You most definitely know, that having positive people in your life, surrounding you, give you a positive perspective also. With their positivity, you can see other perspective of the problem and find the best solutions! So, don’t get sad because you can’t get it from one try.

Do something fun

Like going on e cruise ( no, not quite that because it can get expensive, but you get the point), or maybe you can try a one day cruise, that is not that pricy. But do something, just not stay thinking at that situation or person that got you in that feeling!

Get out of the house

I said more at the second point, but you can just go for a walk and you see places, people, and things start to make other sense. You know what I mean? I don’t know how to say it better for you to understand, but it helps.

Go shopping (they say it’s the best therapy)

Ha ha. Now this is fun, just don’t spend the rent or food money! Window shopping maybe?! Ha ha, shopping really helps, you’re not thinking at your problems, just at what you look good in!

Read a book. It will put you in the character mood, best option for me!

This last point is my favourite and helpful one! Everytime I read a book, I’m not in this world anymore, I’m in that story with those characters and I’m thinking how to solve their problems. It’s like escaping the real world, until you get tired of reading and get back to solve yours!

What are your tips for getting out of a bad mood?


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  1. August 24, 2017 / 6:23 am

    Reading a good book is always working for me. The most difficult part for me is to find the motivation to actually do it.

    • September 5, 2017 / 5:00 pm

      Ha, ha I know! Sometimes I have this problem too. But when I find a good book I can’t put it down, until I finish it!
      P.S.: Sorry for the late reply 🙂

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