Top 5 Pairs of Shoes Every Girl Should Have

Top 5 Pairs of Shoes Every Girl Should Have

 Yeah Yeah, I know, ONLY 5? Haha, yes only 5.A few years ago, I also had only 5 pairs and it’s the best, really, you have a pair of shoes for every situation and you don’t have to worry about the bag full of shoes, or the pairs that you don’t even have the chance to wear, so today I’ll give you an idea about 5 pairs of shoes you can make work with everything, okay, almost everything.


What better way to start this top 5 if not with the sneakers?! The sneakers are here since, forever, basically. They can go with anything casual, yet you can remain classy and chic, they are comfortable and ready to run in them if necessary, you know running from the coffee shop to the office. Ugh those movies clichés , but I’m for them, if I could choose a pair of shoes to wear forever, it’ll be the sneakers. My choice of sneakers was, is and always will be Converse.

2.Ankle Boots (with or without heel)

What I mean by that is either Chelsea boots or ankle boots with small heels, because we know how hard it is to go to work in heels.They are practical, fashionable and they give that “office style” or whatever style you want, I usually go with casual and you can assort with anything.


Well, here we are in a sensible area (for me) because I don’t wear heels at work/school, my feet get swollen and hurt and I hate that. I only wear them on special occasions, but I also  like to wear them, they make you taller and make your feet look good.

4.Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats are my favorites (not in the winter though). These shoes are the most comfortable things ever.They look good, they go with everything, put in on-take it of quickly, haha, oh and cute.Also,  they make your feet look smaller.

5.Leather High Boots

I don’t care what anybody else is telling me  if I don’t have leather boots in the winter I will freeze. If it’s one thing that amuses me, is that I see some girls in the winter wearing only a jacket/blazer, some pants, blouse and some shoes, that I couldn’t resist in (IF you have a car, THEN I understand you).I come from a cold country in the winter and travel by bus, sooo, giiirl give me the boots.

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