Travel Tips If You Go To Bucharest

Travel Tips If You Go To Bucharest

*cough cough*… I think it’s because of this trip to Bucharest, the cold I mean.

So, last weekend I went to Bucharest for the first time. Surprising, I know. I’ve visited more european cities than this country, haha. Tha city is crazy. And not necessarily in a good way… I thought the taxi driver would kill us before we arrive at the destination, he was driving SO fast. Easy my friend, you’re not in Fast & Furious! (Even tho he will never ever read this post).

Tips For Traveling To Bucharest 🙂

– Be careful with the taxi drivers! Bucharest has the so-called “sharks”, basically they will charge you more for the ride than a normal taxi driver. The normal price is 1,29/km lei (0.284 EUR). The “sharks” can approach you in the train station – DON’T talk to them – or they can be in front of the train station/airport. The difference is that they don’t have the price on the door or the company displaced on top of the car.

– Search on the Internet in advance how the public transport works and where you can buy tickets. Usually you can buy them the kiosks near the bus/train/metro station.

-If you choose the taxi option, look in advance on Google Maps at the route and save it on your phone. That is a good tip to not get fooled by the taxi drivers. They can walk you through the whole Bucharest until you get to your destination, just to get more money from you, that’s why it’s better if you know the route!

– People don’t really speak English. Download Translate.

– Make a list from home with what you want to see and search the routes for every place!

– Keep your calm! It can get messier.

– Keep your valuables closer to you, than someone else’s hands. *wink*

– Avoid rush hours… if you can. You can wait in a kilometer queue for hours, before the cars start to move and you will definitely be late wherever you want to go.

I don’t have many tips because I was there just for a day, so I didn’t see much, but these are the most important I think to not get fooled. What is your opinion?

Have you ever been to Buchares? Or any other city in Romania?

Let’s talk int he comment section below!



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  1. March 9, 2017 / 6:18 pm

    very interesting and useful! I haven’t been there but it’s on my to travel list

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