Trying Not To Be Fake!

Trying Not To Be Fake!

So, since I’ve started this blog I’ve been struggling trying not to be fake ….

I’ve been reading blogs for a pretty long time now and I kind of have an idea about what’s “hot” right now, but I have one problem: I don’t want nor I like writing about what everyone else is writing! I’m always trying to come up with new, fresh content and intelligent, I believe. But it is pretty hard considering the fact that some of these topics are already talked about on another blogs.

Finding your favorite writing topic is hard!

I have a few, but I don’t know what to say about it. Something else, something that has not been said already!

Do you like what I write? Do you enjoy reading my content?

I enjoy what I write and I started this blog because I wanted to express myself, in ways that outside of it I can’t. And maybe some of you are struggling with the same issue. Because being a beginner blogger is not that great. Like being new in everything else….

It is hard to find your voice when all you have is a computer, Wi-Fi and a forceful desire to write. But all the topics have been discussed already and maybe better said than how I say it, or you, or someone else.

But never give up to your dream!

When I started sending my resume to companies for an internship, 9/10 refused me. Why? Because I didn’t have previous experience. Yeah, well FYI, that’s why it’s called a beginner!

Writing was one of the passions I have ever had, I think, haha. Starting this blog felt right, felt like this is one thing that I’ll never get bored doing it Getting a “no” for an answer was not an option for me, after I found myself (after a not so bright period of my life).

Creating my own content is hard, squeezing my brain to find new topics is hard, writing more than 300 words is hard. But you know what?! I like it. Even though someone else has written about it, well it was not me on that post, so I should put my magic on mine!

Knocking on closed doors is never fun. But if the door doesn’t open go through the window!

(I didn’t find a window open, but you get the point!)

Create your own future, so no one else will ever say “not” to you! After I hit “Publish” on a blog post, I think: “Will they like it? Is it good enough?”, but as I said in a previous post, if I like the final result, another person will also like it and there is a topic for any group. Doesn’t matter how small is!

I just want to prove to myself and others that it’s okay to write about something else, something that not everybody writes about. I don’t want to be boring for you reading this post, so I’ll stop here.

Tell me in the comments if you like what I write about! 🙂

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