One more week…just one more week and I’m free of exams, ha ha! The hardest period so far of this year has passed, at least that’s what I think. How in the world have 6 months passed by so quickly??!! This is one of the mysteries I battle constantly… I have no idea where time goes and I feel like I don’t have time to do everything I plan. Some things have fallen into place, remember the big exams I was telling you about?! Yeah, well everything went okay, I still can’t say what is going on with these important exams, but I will. I promise! I am planning some interesting blog posts (hopefully) for autumn.

Aaaanyhoow, we are in the middle of June and everyone wants to go on vacation! I mean, I want, but it’s not possible for the moment and it bothers me SO much, but that’s the way it is. I have been looking for vacation hot spots, where I would like to go and made a list for 2018. *Hopefully I get to go to at least one of them*. Let’s begin!




Oh come on maan… I have been dreaming of going on a cruise for many years now. However, this is a PERFECT option for a summer vacation (and yes, my summer is all planned, I can’t go). Can you imagine being on a ship for, let’s say 7 nights and visit a new city every day?! That’s the closest thing I can get of a millionaire life and can’t do it this year, but I will!


I’m one of the people who prefer the beach and not the mountain. I prefer the hot sand and sea/ocean waves than mosquitos, insects and cold (we’ll come to that later), okay fine, it depends on the season. Right now, I would like to visit Greece, all of it! It’s just amazing how an empire was born there and there are so many myths about the Greek empire and gods and so on. Firstly, my itinerary would begin with Athens, then Santorini (I know, I know, the most touristy thing ever), after that I’d continue to visit Mykhonos and in the end I would probably go to all the islands there.


If you don’t have time to hop on a plane and visit countries far away from your home, I recommend a city break. These can be done even without asking for an official vacation from office. From Friday until Saturday you can go to a near city from where you live and explore. For example, from Rotterdam until Paris there is a 5 hour drive. Pretty great huh?!

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Now this one here, is an exciting idea! I was searching some safari itinerary or safari travel packages… one thing is for sure! I won’t look for safari vacations any time soon, not until I’ll have the money! Yes, it can be pretty expensive, but it is a unique experience and I believe it’s worth the money. Have you ever went on a safari?


Remember I told you earlier about me not liking cold?! Well, it’s true, but the holidays are an exception. I would like to go to Switzerland or Austria for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. I would like to stay in a cabin wood in the mountains with a chimney, very, very cozy!



After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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