And no, I’m not talking about those heels, girl! Although, you should apply this to that too. I’m just kidding, heeeeey, how are you?! It feels like forever since I wrote something (I know, I know, I just posted last week), but when you like to do something, well….

Today we’ll talk about confidence! Because that’s what makes us glow. I thought of writing and expressing my opinions and tips about getting more confident in yourself, at some point in my life I was that shy girl, who wouldn’t ask a simple question, to help me, because of my insecurities.

My insecurity story!

Not having an encouraging family, got me there. I mean, don’t get me wrong they helped me with everything they could, but they would also point the bad things and tell me how to NOT do that instead of encouraging the good things. That happened also because, they grew up in communism and they had…that..mentality. And they still have it, to this day. I started to open my mind when I met my boyfriend, we grew each other up, kind of. Then I left the country, at 14 to go in Italy for vacation, there I saw other mentalities, other system, everything was different.

Then, slowly, slowly, I started to change my friends (bad ones) to others, more on the right path, they showed me what’s like to achieve your dreams and having goals.

Now?! I’m in the almost good point in my life, there are many many many many many, stairs to climb to have what I want, but I’ll get there!


As I told you above, I’ve learned something along the way (vacations, high school, let go of the negative people, university and the best of all, my last summer internship in The Netherlands, who changed me completely). Now let me tell you something I personally did and I’m still applying them!

1.Reflect on your position regarding problems and people.

Stop victimizing and crying for yourself. Put the foot in the door and change that to: “I’ll do it better next time!”, “That will not stop me”.

2.Make decisions and be consistent.

Keep your word! The most important one is yours, you can’t disappoint yourself even though, the last 100 people did that. You are your problem and also your solution!

3.Change something at your look. It helps, trust me! Been, there, done that.

Yeeah, that feels good! Do it and tell me after that here on the blog!

4.Start by applying those decisions (nr.2) in every situations.

“Uuuh, I know you like it..do it..” – Pitbull

5.You will become more confident in yourself, once you’ll stop being afraid of what people think. Be honest, with you and the rest.

That was one think that I had to get over with, I still have to work on it, but I’m waay more confident in my actions, even though after I see that is not precisely the good one, but I will learn from it and not give a s#it about what people think.

6.Treat people the way they treat you!

You know how this go, people is treating you bad, you should do the same. They treat you good, you do what?! Exactly, treat them good.

What did you do to get confidence in yourself? Maybe I’ll learn something new and apply it!


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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