No one is as tough as they seem to be! I haven’t written in a while and I still can’t find an interesting subject to write about. Some of them look too childish to me and the ones that I do want to write about (like this one) no one reads it. One of the reasons for which I haven’t written any blog posts in a while is lack of inspiration. I look on the internet and every idea I come up with is already there, thus I don’t find a reason to write about it.

I know, I know, I don’t say anything new from the wheel invention until now, but I’d like to write about something original. Something new, or at least with a pair of fresh eyes about some subject. I wanted this blog to be about traveling and, you know personal experiences, so far I haven’t done much traveling have I?! Very soon, I’ll start a new project, which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I’ve found a quote online saying:

You could struggle for 4 years straight and nothing will happen, but in the 5th year you could become the greatest person on the planet. Never give up!

Returning to the post title…what are we afraid of?! Failure?! Meeh, everything comes and go. Losing people around you?! No one stays forever and if there are toxic people in your life is better to get rid of them. Or are you afraid of getting out of your comfort zone?! Another quote: “Nothing good comes out of the comfort zone”. 

Or maybe, are you afraid of the unknown?


I’ll tell you what I’m afraid of… the unknown. Yes, it’s scary, yes there is a possibility I won’t do what I’m planning to do and I don’t like not being in control. But, you know what?! Also, I find it exciting and even though I’m afraid of it I still want to see what’s there. I was so afraid launching this blog because of what people might say, I  still did it. The fact that I’m still not where I want to be with it, that’s another story for another time. But, I’ve learned so much about blogging and writing and SEO and social media content, things that will help me in my future job. Who knows what destiny has in store for me. However, all I can do is thanks to myself.

Because I was stubborn to go do that internship, because I launched this blog despite of my fear of what people might think or say, and because in a month I’ll start a pretty exciting project. I’ll try to write about my experience.

Hopefully someone likes this kind of blog posts and if you do please let me know in the comments! Hugs!


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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