What To Do In a Weekend In Paris | 72 Hours In Paris

What To Do In a Weekend In Paris | 72 Hours In Paris

II know! I know! I went to Paris last year, so why am I writing now about this?! Well, because this idea came from a comment on my previous blog post. And I thought why not give you some insights about my experience in Paris and what you can do there, if you only have a limited amount of time.

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So, as I said in the Paris blog post, it was a dream come true! I believe every girl is dreaming of going to Paris at least once in her lifetime. Me and my BF had the chance to go to Paris, in September last year, after we discovered the most affordable website to plan your trip! The company is called – Slangen Reizen  – and it has its HQ in The Netherlands, if you want I can write a whole blog post about affordable travel websites!

FYI, to see how cheap we traveled to Paris, this trip cost us 215 euros – two persons, bus, hotel with breakfast included and a small city tour. Quite the deal I would say, and yes Slangen Reizen was the agency with which we went there.

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What To Do In a Weekend In Paris | 72 Hours In Paris

Because in the blog post about the trip to Paris, I only talked about how/when/where regarding only what we visited, now I have decided to talk about what you can do in Paris for three days. We visited the most important things (Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sacre-coeur, Montparnasse Tower, Louvre and a cruise on the Seine), however there more things to visit like Versailles, Disneyland, etc.

Of course, let’s start with the most obvious one:

Le Tour Eiffel

Saturday, the second day of our trip, we went STRAIGHT (like a bullet actually, ha ha) to the Eiffel Tower. It is one of those building you HAVE to see! I told everyone close to me how the trip was, and I never thought an iron structure would left me speechless. Every time I read or saw something related with the Eiffel Tower, I thought, “what is it so magnificent about this tower?!”. But, when we arrived in front of it, I was speechless…

It is so imposing, and when you get close to it, you can see all that history carved in the steel. It’s amazing! We actually managed to visit it all the way up to the top. How we did that?!

Obviously, you will have to buy tickets, when we arrived there, we had no idea how to do it, if it was an online booking or not, nothing, we only got there just to see it from exterior. But, we saw the chance to go inside. So, this is how it goes…

When you arrive at the perimeter, I think that’s the way to say, I mean the Eiffel Tower perimeter it’s surrounded by security fences. Basically, there are two lines where you have to wait in line to go through security check. At the first line, next to the street, we waited, let’s say, between 5-10 minutes to go trough security. After they check your body and bags, don’t worry about the body check, it is done with a metal detector, you can enter in the “real Eiffel Tower perimeter”, ugh I don’t know how to explain it exactly, hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

There, you choose, either to see it from there, or you can go to one of the waiting ques to buy tickets. However, at the second line, where we waited to buy the tickets, we waited 45-60 minutes, yes, a long time. You have two options, either go to the top or just to the second floor. When we visited it last year, the tickets were 14-15 euros to the 2nd floor and 17 euros to the top. Now they raised the prices, I’m going to tell you the present day prices and you can read more on their official website.

Ticket to the top: 25 euros/adult

Ticket to the 2nd floor: 16 euros

These prices are subject to change of course, so check in advance, if you plan on visiting the Eiffel Tower. When you go up, you take the elevator, but when you come down you take the stairs, at least that’s what we did. And it’s a little bit scary to be honest, but the views are amazing. While you are there, you can also try the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. 

At the top there is also a waiter with champagne and wine (at least when we went, it was), but choose a day when it’s not raining, it ruined the mood for us, ha ha. Oh, and it took us some time to enjoy it, so prepare very well your itinerary.

Louvre Museum

One of the most amazing buildings in Europe! Everyone knows how it looks, the movie “The DaVinci Code” was shot there, I saw the reverse pyramid, quite amazing structure! Recommend it! What surprised me, was that, inside, is not actually the museum (the museum is in another wing), it is actually a freaking mall!! YEP, you can go shopping at stores like Chanel, Prada, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint-Laurent, La Maison du Chocolat (I think that is how you spell it, sorry if I’m wrong) and many more. I was speechless, again.. It is under the Louvre Castle (the building surrounding the big pyramid) and the biggest surprise…. it even has a McDonald’s! I have no words, the only problem is that it is a labyrinth, it’s huge and you will need a whole day to visit everything inside. Just saying!

A Cruise on the Seine

I don’t think it matters that much with what company you go, but we went with “Bateaux-Mouches“.

The ticket costs 14 euros for adults. You can see the most important buildings from the cruise on the Seine, like Notre-Dame Cathedral, museums. of course the Eiffel Tower, Pont des Arts and many more. Unfortunately, I was tired, because in the morning we traveled to Paris and it took us 5 hours to get there, by the time we went on the cruise I was very tired and couldn’t enjoy everything, so my recommendation is to get some rest before go on the cruise.

If you have time, I would recommend to serve a coffee in one of the traditional cafes next to the Seine and Eiffel Tower in the morning

Trocadero At Night

The big “U”-shaped building across the street from the Eiffel Tower, from where you can have a spectacular view over it. Especially at night, because at 21.00, the Eiffel Tower lightens up and the atmosphere is magical!

Tip: Be there early, because many people gather there to see the exact same thing and will want to catch a spot in the first row of people.

Where We Stayed?

Being a hotel chosen by the agency, we were separated into two groups, one was taken to the Ibis Rungis Hotel and we went to “Le Chateaubriand-Malabry“. It’s a *** star hotel, quite far away I would say from the city center, but in a nice and quite area. It was clean and is exactly how you see it in the photos. I believe you can take the public transport until the city center, I don’t know all the details because the bus driver dropped us off and picked us up from everywhere, so thanks Slangen Reizen for that, it was very comfortable!

Hope you made an idea about what to do in Paris in a weekend, there are so much more things to do, but we only had time for these ones, because we walked everywhere in the city center. Most of the tourists attractions are in a walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, that is to give you an idea. I still have some things to visit in Paris, but we’ll let that for another time.

Have you ever been to Paris? What do you think? What did you visit?

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