When I Stepped Out Of My Comfort Zone & When Should You Do It Too!

When I Stepped Out Of My Comfort Zone & When Should You Do It Too!

When I Stepped Out Of My Comfort Zone

Now I write this post, sitting at my desk in a t-shirt dress, with a leg lifted on the chair and thinking about all of the moments when I stepped out of my comfort zone. Also, drinking a banana milkshake and have some papers laying next to my laptop, which I have to learn for my last exam, but I have priorities!

As I said in a previous blog post, if someone would’ve told me that I would start a blog and take photos for it and caring so much about it, I would’ve laughed in its face telling that’s not me! Honestly, because I’m not that comfortable in front of a camera.

Now I finished my milkshake and there’s a wedding next to me. With loud music! You wouldn’t understand me, but let’s stick to our stuff. I’m going to write my event in chronological order.

1. When I decided to trust my BFF, my boyfriend and my confident. That is a long time ago and we’re still strong. Thank you! ILY!

2. When I travelled for the first time. Alone, with some strangers (my mom waited for me there). It was a little scary, I’ll admit, but I liked it. I would do it again? Probably not.

3. When I left to do an internship in Rotterdam the whole summer, not knowing what to expect from it. THAT is the most terrifying thing that I’ve ever done. Living your home for the first time, moving to another country, paying rent for the first time and learn how things work at the company.. I’d say it is pretty intimidating, but this summer, oh this summer…just wait for it!

4. When I started this blog, even though, I was so shy talking in front of other people. Exposing myself wasn’t something I thought I would do, yet here I am, taking pictures and learning more and more everyday about blogging and photography. And this blog is also useful for my final exam next year.

Also, looking for next big things to do! Life is good!

When Should You Do It Too?!

Every.Single.Time, actually! Every time, you feel too comfortable. of course it sounds stupid what I just said, but you will know it. I felt suffocated in my room, my house, my city, the routine everyday it’s not healthy. So, every once in a while, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Even if it is your personal life, family, friends, do something different to not get bored and enter in a soulless routine.

What was the time you got out of your comfort zone? Tell me in the comments bellow


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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