When In Scheveningen | The Hague

When In Scheveningen | The Hague

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If you are subscribed to my newsletter, then you know that this week I will only post travel related blog posts. Why? Because this summer I did an internship in Rotterdam and I got to travel a little within The Netherlands and I want to share with you my experience.

But, again: I didn’t take quality pictures or enough pictures, because back then, I had no idea I would end up having a blog. All the photos were taken by my BF with our phones (Samsung J5). So, hit play and read my story, will ya?! ūüôā

When In Scheveningen!

Scheveningen is in The Hague and the city is like 15-20 minute by car from Rotterdam. Sea side city and mostly full with young people. But not the age matter, because there everybody had a party vibe. It was the first time when I visited it and I liked it. Like the whole country…duuh!

Plus The Netherlands is small and you can see almost all of it in one day if you want. By the way, if you didn’t know The Hague is the HQ of many governmental institutions ( International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), International Criminal Court (ICC), NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), etc.) This is just to give an idea of what institutions I’m talking about. Pretty cool, huh?! For such a small city.

Even if it is a sea-side city, you know, The Netherlands is NOT known for its high temperature. So, don’t expect sunbathing like you would do in Tenerife. But, in the summer if you are lucky the temperatures can go as high as 30 degrees C. I was lucky this summer! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my bathing suit and I just stayed in my shorts and t-shirt. Because I documented myself and I thought I wouldn’t need one being so cold there. Well, I was wrong!

I lived in Rotterdam, so I don’t know to tell you where to stay, but you can find accommodation very easily on Google and there are some luxurious hotels, if you want comfort and luxury.

I didn’t get the chance to visit the old town or the city center, but I saw from the pictures that it is¬†very beautiful and next time I will make sure I see it. Being so close to Rotterdam, we would go to The Hague in the evening for fun, or see some activities and then home.

Where To Eat?

You have soooooo many options in Scheveningen, especially at the beach. There are so many restaurant from where to choose.

The first restaurant where we ate is called “STeam” and the food is very good. I don’t remember what exactly¬†I ordered, but I know it was good. I remember,¬†tasting from my BF’s plate some asparagus, and I don’t want to taste that EVER again in my life. It tasted so bad, I’m not sure how to describe it, but god da*& it was bad!

That was the first time I went to The Hague.

The second time, we went on a Friday or Saturday night, I don’t remember very well, but the whole weekend were fireworks with themes like: China, Japan, Korea, among others. Really pretty the fireworks show and grandiose. Where I live we don’t even have that on New Year’s Eve (hahaha). I only have one picture with fireworks, because our phones are not that good on night-time.¬† You will see in the pictures below.

This time we ate at “Beachclub Bora Bora“. There I tasted for the first time spareribs, the most DELICIOUS things ever. They’re in sweet BBQ sauce with peanuts, or something similar. ABSOLUTELY delicious!

Then I tried something scary at first. The wheel, similar to “The Eye” in London. This is next to the Pier in Scheveningen. The cabin¬†was moving from the wind and I was TERRIFIED. It is pretty¬†scary, if you ask me.¬†Enjoy the pictures!

There you go, my terror face! I was really scared!

Aaaand the cabin windows weren’t so clean….

The night ended with the fireworks and a glass of wine next to the fire, because it was a little chilly. It was a great night with friends, we laughed so hard and we had fun. Can’t wait to go back there!

Have you ever been to The Hague? How was it like?

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