Why You Should Move From Free To Self-Hosted Blog

Why You Should Move From Free To Self-Hosted Blog

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So you are thinking about starting a blog? Good for you. You should definitely start doing that.

If you like writing, editing, taking pictures, edit those pictures, take care of your finances and managing social media + your time! Yep, that’s a nice job to have! Now, here is my story.

I started this blog, last year on November, really really new! But in this short time, I learned more about social media and writing, than in all my years in school (middle school, high school + university). I do have something to confess now, I had a blog before in 2015, but it was for the wrong reasons, then I was testing the waters and ended up deleting that blog, I did that to see if I like it, I didn’t. Why?! The answer is simple: I was writing something that I didn’t like. It was free, as was this blog until November.

Yes, I started like the majority of you start, with a free blog on WordPress.com. When I started this blog, in September-Octomber (so, yeah I have this blog before November, oops). But it was free and not at all that nice as it is now, hi hi. After that I started to like it so much and I want to be able to monetize it.

So, I bought a hosting + domain and started writing. I said, I would invest a small amount in hosting and a domain and a free theme. But, after a little while, the free theme didn’t have what I wanted, couldn’t change the colors, or how how the layout would looked like and I said I must invest in a good theme. So, I bought one from Pipdig and I’m very happy with it.

Why You Should Move From Free To Self-Hosted Blog

It is yours! You can write whatever you want and no one will take it down because it doesn’t obey to some rules. You can make money out if it and much more.

The company I chose is SiteGround. I spent a few weeks before I chose them, because I read everything about every other hosting company out there. These guys won. Why?! Here it comes:

1.Support – They have the best and FAST support! In the beginning I had a lot of questions and I chose to ask them on the chat. I asked my question and within 2 minutes they responded me. Like I was on the Facebook chat. And we talked, they solved my problem in half hour on the chat. They are super fast. As well, on e-mail, tickets and phone.

2. Safety SiteGround checks daily for security issues, spam, hacks. And now it is sustained by one of the most prominent web security experts – Sucuri.net .

3. Servers – At this point, I was already all over SiteGround . This is the only company that lets you choose where you want to be your server. That is GREAT! Obviously, closer to you, they have in the USA (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam, Milano), Asia(Singapore), UK(London).

4. Migration – You can migrate from other hosting companies for FREE. They will do it for you!

5. Easy Website Creation – When your blog is set up, you will have some plugins installed, one of them is a simple drag and drop website builder and it is so much easier.

6. Speed – Your blog will load in 1,7 sec. Pretty cool huh?! Well, if you have high quality pictures, it can load a little bit slower, but not a minute, haha! You can just modify the size of the pictures in Paint.

7. WordPress AutoUpdater – Yep! As you read, they update WordPress for you. For FREE!

They are super fast, they take care of your blog for you (the tech stuff) and they have the nicest techs at support.

Hope I helped you!

What do you think of them?


After I finished the 1st year in PR I didn’t know what to do next in my career, so I started this blog to document my experiences.
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