Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Valentine’s Day

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Valentine’s Day

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Sooo, it’s Valentine’s Day huh?! Jjust keep reading!

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Valentine’s Day

Everyone’s been there. Stop complaining, it’s every year!

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have someone on that “special day”. It’s better to be alone, than in a bad company!

It is waaay too much advertising around it and less emotions. Aren’t you supposed to be that way every now and then?! You need a calendaristic day to bring flowers? (If you like them). I know I wrote this post , yeaah, I wrote it for those of you of need some inspiration, if you really need to do something on that day. But you can do it all year round!

Because of too much advertising for Valentine’s Day, people who don’t have someone to share it with feel lonely. It is not true people. you have friends, go out! Feel good! Go on a trip by yourself/with friends. Buy something FOR YOU!

Focus on winning!  Focus on your goals so much, you accomplish them in no time! Focus on what really matters. Because, girl (or boy), let me tell you something: it is not romantic if you don’t have something to eat or somewhere to stay!

You don’t have to close yourself in the house and cry today. Celebrate life, be happy, you have many more reasons to be happy and grateful.

– You are healthy, with a brain, 2 legs and 2 hands!

– You are privileged to go to school and learn.

 – You have your family and friends next to you, who support you.

Who needs a man/woman to feel special on Valentine’s Day?! I know, I know, some will suffer on this day, but you really shouldn’t!

Eat some ice-cream, read a book, go bike, feed the ducks on the lake, I don’t know do something that you enjoy. Or, do like me, focus on your future. Work today so your future self, will thank you for!

And I think that is all what I wanted to say to you, just focus and all hings will come into place!


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